Freedom of speech I believe is still taught in school, however school officials seem to think the teachers should not be allowed to practice what they preach out of school.

At their first orientation meeting for the new school year Laurel teachers were ‘requested’ not to voice their opinions regarding the school outside their classrooms, and to especially stay away from writing comments to blogs.

Since I am the only one involved in school issues I take that to mean my blog.

The best way for teachers not to write is: treat them with respect, listen to their concerns, and administrators back their teachers. And for administrators do their jobs, keep their noses clean, then there wouldn’t be any need for anyone to have to complain; right?

There is no doubt in my mind that band director Brian Cass was relieved of his duties  because he was an outspoken opponent of the school’s administration and board, especially on this blog. But, as they say, when one door closes another opens and he accepted a position with Wesley College. And I understand congratulations are in order to Brian and his lovely bride as they await the birth of a child.

But don’t fear, this writer keeps his sources confidential, and news will filter to me and I will pass it on to my readers.

If you have noticed we have not been printing the board agenda; well that is because I have apparently been cut off the mailing list. We are trying to have that ‘oversight’ restored. I know one board member who was opposed to me receiving the minutes. We’ll see who is running the school board.



    • Interesting the board is disappointed when no one shows and their is no support from the community. You have to wonder if that’s the way they want it.
      They are similar to the town council, they listen, take it under advisement, and that’sss all folks!
      Understand they lost a lot of good seasoned teachers over the summer; two large groups of teachers eating lunch at Pizzeria today, all looked like they just came out of college.

  1. You should be very worried if you have two large groups of new teachers. They will definitely make you look like a conservative Frank. Seriously.

  2. Been silent most of the summer. WAY TOO stirring a topic to leave alone. Still trying to collect my thoughts and correct my spelling. Back to you later. And Yes my name is Donna Reed. I do, and always will own up to my opinions, thoughts and comments. And I truly sympathize with anyone who is afraid or intimidated by their employers not to do the same.

    • Great statement Donna!! It is said that we have freedom of speech in this country but, because I put my name on everything i choose my words carefully while still attempting to express my feelings.

      • Right now, all I’m going to say/ask is…was it mearly suggested, strongly suggested, or Insisted that district employees stay away from (not comment) on blogs? I have text’d a couple of teachers, but have not gotten a reply. Can’t hardly blame them. In this instance, I’m glad I’m not an employee. Benefits or not. Although, over the last couple of years, I have gotten backlash for some of my opinions. Lots of dirty looks, verbal comments and monetary losses. Yes, you know who you are!!

  3. I tried to make light of this with a bad joke, but in all seriousness I agree with Donna. We already seem to be starting the year off on the wrong foot.

  4. Word is that Delmar opened up enrollment and 75 more Laurel students left for Delmar. Delmar starts tomorrow and Laurel on Monday, guess we can tell then.

  5. Maybe Laurel should close its schools & unincorporate so no more town government & taxes. Keep the library & fire dept & let the state/county provide whatever services are deemed affordable. Would solve a lot of problems!

  6. Writer of this is not me, I just wanted to pass along positive and truthful information.

    Laurel high school met AYP despite the budget crunch. In one year our class of 2014 students increased their reading and math scores by a combined average of more than 70 points. That’s 30 points more than the students at Tech and 50 more than those in Delmar. At a state meeting it was said that LHS was “the little engine that could.” The Secretary of Education said we ” hit it out of the park
    .” Other schools are coming to observe us and are following our model. It is a shame that they realize how good we are everywhere but in our own town. Yesterday I went by the school to send off an email about math training and their were teachers out there getting work done. I have today received at least three texts about school related items from teachers in my department. These hard working, dedicated people deserve better. Your children deserve teachers who care that much. Ashamed of you!

  7. Hey Frank not sure if you can find this out or not considering you are sort of not a favorite son of the Laurel School Board. I head that the freshman class has less than 55 students and the total students at the High School is around 250. Is not the school funded by the state per student? If student enrollment is down across the board how is Laurel fixed for their projected budget?

    Just trying to figure out if we need to be on the School Board from day one.

    • Frank update, I talked with the person who the other person had got the info from. So this has to be the truth because in Laurel Gossip circles they are considered an almost reliable source.

      Here is what I was told, the freshman class had around 55 – 60 students who transferred out, DOE had last year 8th grade class at 161 (+-). And that Laurel Schools are down around 250 students this yr. So my concern is how does this affect the state money for students and what does it do to the budget. Are we going to go through the same mess at the end of the year again.

      I know you were up late last night cheering at your tv.

      • I am out of state..will ck it out. I know Sussex Tech is limited to taking onlly 20% from the 9 th grade clas. Delmar has opened choice again, plus other schools, churches have taken kids so I’m not surprised. The school receives money based on student enrollment..should their be a large drop off the school may have to cut mire teachers based on unit count.

  8. If Tech takes 20% than that is 32, with the others going to school choice or moving, possible I would say. Just reviewed the Delmar Board minutes for July, 10 from Laurel approve, 5th – 10th. With those previously approved in the beginning of the yr, it will be interesting to see what you can come up with.

  9. From today’s Caesar Rodney.org

    Don’t be Misled: Delaware is Not Number 1 in Education
    Let’s be clear, Delaware was Number 1 in line for Race To The Top (RTTT) for money – not performance.
    A recent television commercial would have us believe Delaware is Number 1 in education. Delaware achieves a C+ and ranks about 22nd in the country.
    Proficiency of Delaware pupils in fourth grade English is 35% and math 31%, eighth grade English is 36% and Math 32%, and an average SAT score that is 44th among states – – plus a very poor showing as a country that ranks17th  among 30 nations rated for education performance.
    More disturbing is the lack of conversation about education by both parties in the 2012 Election. At least this particular commercial acknowledges education even though its misguided emphasis is on spending rather than effectiveness.
    The lack of conversation is beyond disturbing for the over promised Black, Hispanic and a low income communities who consistently underperform by two to three grade levels in all categories. This low performance leads to high dropout rates, unemployment, crime, teen pregnancy, dependency and public assistance.
    The lack of transparency with how RTTT money will be spent makes it difficult to determine effectiveness just as it has been with any of the others in a long list of  spending programs that have not improved performance but have increased the cost of education. What is clear is that RTTT funds run out in 2014.
    States that are making progress have strong political leaders willing to confront special interest groups like the union that resist the change from the industrial model to a choice model that gives parents in all income levels the freedom to choose the best education and secure a bright future for their child.
    The political conversation in Delaware must include transparency and accountability.
    This fall, you have an opportunity to influence politicians when they not only want but need your support.
    Ask them:
    How much of RTTT money will make it to the classroom?
    How will this round of spending improve the performance of my child?


  10. Isn’t RTTT based on new policies that DOE wanted implemented. I do not believe that the academic achievement of the students was a consideration.

    The Race to the Top Fund provides competitive grants to encourage and reward States that are creating the conditions for education innovation and reform.

    Through Race to the Top, we are asking States to advance reforms around four specific areas:

    Adopting standards and assessments that prepare students to succeed in college and the workplace and to compete in the global economy;
    Building data systems that measure student growth and success, and inform teachers and principals about how they can improve instruction;
    Recruiting, developing, rewarding, and retaining effective teachers and principals, especially where they are needed most; and
    Turning around our lowest-achieving schools.

    All of this came from:(except the first paragraph)(plagiarism covered)

      • After reading the DOE double talk about RTTT, funding is done in 2014. So the schools implement these changes for the grants and then in 2014 no more funds. I guess whoever gets re/elected will have to decide to fund this are a new scheme then.

        The only information I could not find how they proposed to find the 4 billion to pay the grants. We can probably guess where.

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