After months of searching, Laurel has found a new superinendent, John Ewald of Montgomery, Md who will begin his new job Oct. 1.

He will be moving to Laurel; we wish him the best.



  1. I am worried that the demographics of his school and surrounding area are so vastly different from our own that he may be out of touch with the realities of Laurel. Median household income for Montgomery County is $93,000. Sussex County’s median household income is $51,000, and as you go west across the county that number drops. Seaford’s median household income is $35,000. Montgomery County has few racial minorities (with Asians being the largest population after whites). I have no doubt that Mr. Ewald has the best of intentions and will bring rich experiences and positive plans. I just hope that he is able to understand a population so different from Montgomery County’s, and I hope that the leaders of our school board have prepared him for our realities. I wish him success and the support he will need to achieve it.

  2. I would like to know who is paying you to spread these lies, are you on the democratic payroll/ you talk about obama like he is some kind of god, while in truth he is nothing, unable to do his job ,on that you nitwits put him office to do as he promised, but has not delivered and for what he called Bush unamerican, he has made much, much worse. if you biased democrates put him back in, uou will get just what you deserve, toobad the rest of the county will have to suffer also! By the way I am a democrat, but I am smart enough to see through Obama’s lies and cover ups, which any person with ant intellagence should be able to do! Every week you give that no good for nothing unworthy so called president destroys our country, please step back and think about what you are saying, get half a brain and you might survive!
    David Brewer Seaford, de

    • Your name does not come up in the Sussex County Dept of Elections as a registered voter, nor does your name appear in the phone directory. Are you for real, or just ashamed to post your true name, and are you really a Democrat? Your voter ID by the way is a matter of public record; lists are provided to candidates free of charge, and you can purchase the voting lists for a small fee.

      • Wow Frank, I was not aware that my voter registration was anybodies business. That gives me enough reason to unregister. I will still be able to vote just like the illegals, right!!!!! The government already has enough information about me. Thank You for this information !!!!!

      • Information is not sold to vendors, only to candidates, political parties; that’s khow you get your lovely mail and phone calls. And candidates know who is in their districts. Only information is how you are registered, and address, BD. You can file to have your name removed from the list John. Call your election dept. It may require a court appearance.

  3. Note to David Brewer:

    All of us “nitwit” democrats who helped put President Obama in office do not want to be associated with someone like you who claims to be a democrat and then talks so disrespectfully about our president no matter if he is a Democrat or a Republican. I did not vote for President Bush but you are not going to hear me talk about him with disrespect and I would never call anyone who voted for President Bush a “nitwit.” Most people will look up a word in the dictionary if they have any doubt about their spelling skills. Do you own a dictionary? The “first” thing you need to do is to learn how to spell “intelligence” before you can convince all of us Obama supporters of “your” intelligence. Additionally, why don’t you make a quick trip to Georgetown to change your party affiliation as we don’t want you in our party.

  4. Ok this raises another question Frank! If information available to; “only candidates, political parties” how were you able to investigate the voter registration of the alleged David Brewer? First you said it is a matter of public record then you said it is avaiable “only candidates, political parties! Which is it? I need to know!! I DO NOT want information about anything I do available to anyon especially The Government !!!!! If I need to unregister than go vote like the illegals than that is what I will do!!

    • I went to a candidate who has a list, which is public information. You thought I had slipped up huh John. Any committee person of all parties in the state has access to the list. I see you have a Tim Dukes sign in your yard, Tim has a list which was given to him free by being a candidate and you can ask him for information, and if he wishes to let you see that list there is nothing illegal about that. The legislators passed the law that allowed candidates to have the list for free.

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