1. These clowns (Vanderslice and Bodenweiser) don’t think this will come out. Really??? At least Bodenweiser bowed out before his arrest (yes he has not been proven guilty yet only indicted) but the other one still holds his position and from what I hear plans on keeping it. I don’t care what party or non party you are, you should not hold any type of office if you have ……. Did not know how to finish it with out making all politicians have to get out of office.

  2. What’s your comment Frank, on the Vanderslice theft? I have seen others but not yours, very curious as to Why??? Do you think he should step down from his position on the board?

    • I was out of state when the story broke; didn’t know about it until I got home, almost a week later, by then it was not headline or fresh news. Had I been home I would have posted the NJ story. Unless the previous school incident where taxpayers money was taken from the district, this was a personal matter. I have seen worse happen and people retained their positions. Understand money was paid back; still it was wrong. Other than that I have no response.

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