A friend asked me recently why do people run for office knowing they have skeletons in their closet? Sooner or later we both agreed, especially in today’s environment your past will come out.

We were referring to the recent allegations involving Eric Bodenweiser who was indicted by a grand jury Monday on 113 counts of sexually abusing a minor 25 years ago.

Bodenweiser who was the rising Tea Party conservative who just dumped State Senator Joe Boot in a primary, suspended his campaign last week, and later withdrew as a candidate before the indictment was announced.

The abuse was with a 10-year-old and lasted for 3 years; why this came out now may be political, but Bodenweiser must have known the possibility of this coming out especially when you become a candidate for office.

Some of his supporters may go as far to say this happened many years ago; he is not the same person, he is “a reborn Christian.” Medical people tell me once a sex offender, always a sex offender.  Somewhat like once an alcoholic, even if you sober up, you will always be an alcoholic, one drink and you’re back; the same for a sex offender.

Many have done something in our youth we are not proud of and many like to see the worst in people over looking the good they may have done over their lifetime. Obituaries are terrible at times inserting something bleak of their past in their obituary.

You have to be almost squeaky clean to seek office, if you are not you’d better stay home. I often wonder how those who have been abused over the years can recall the number of events when the abuse occurred, especially like in the cases of the Catholic Church scandal when the abuses occurred a quarter century back.

As an aside, the county Republican Party has filed a petition with Superior Court to have Brian Pettyjohn on the ballot as a Republican. Pettyjohn, a Booth supporter, had filed as a write-in candidate. When Bodenweiser pulled off he urged his supporters to vote for Pettyjohn.

As a former State Election Commissioner, the law is clear that only death of a candidate, illness can someone be placed on the ballot, so I think the Republican appeal is a moot issue.

Jane Hovington is the Democrat candidate.


13 thoughts on “CHECK FOR SKELETONS

  1. Neither the Delaware State Republican Party nor the Sussex Republican Committee has petitioned any court in the state to put Brian Pettyjohn’s name on the ballot. The State GOP and Sussex GOP Committee are currently exploring all legal avenues through which Pettyjohn’s name can lawfully be added to the ballot. -Duke Brooks, spokesman, Sussex County Republican Committee

    • Checking into that Duke; I know the AG who oversees the Dept. of Elections was contacted; that’s a fact. I know from a good source Superior Court has been given a heads up. Somebody in your party is stirring up the pot Duke.

      FOLLOW UP: A request was sent to the Commissioners office asking to put Pettyjohn on the ballot as a Republican which was denied, and the county election office refused a similar request. Last appeal would be to the court. Elections is prepared to defend the code.

  2. Compliments to Kathy for saying “alleged”. He certainly appears to be guilty but you didn’t jump the gun. It is good to see rational comments from people that I don’t always agree with instead of a knee jerk reaction.

  3. Gee, Frank, they must have added the term “other incapacity” to the state law, relative to replacing candidates, since you were State Elections Commissioner.

    • Bob Bodenweiser has not been convicted of any charges therefore as far as the law is concerned he resigned on his own condition and that not being medical, physcial otherwise. The Republican Party is trying to get Bodenweiser to claim some medical illness.
      I’m not trying to keep anyone off the ballot, I’m just trying to provide information as I see what is happening and what I interpret the law.

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