I’ve been watching the political ‘experts’ all morning on all the news channels including FOX, and I have had to laugh at all of them regarding their intelligent review of last nights debates.

Appears the President, who was criticized by the liberal media for being too soft in the first election on his opponent, came on ‘too strong’ last night. FOX News thought it ‘disrespectful’ the number of times the president ‘put down’ Mr. Romney and shouldn’t have because Romney doesn’t have knowledge of foreign affairs. (For once FOX got it right!)

I beg your pardon; he knows which countries he has shipped American jobs, what countries he and BAIN have invested their money, and where he keeps his tax sheltered dollars in various island bank accounts.

And how many times did the former governor agree with the presidents handling of his foreign policy? I lost count at around 5 times. The poor guy didn’t have a clue. A four-year old could have trounced Romney on his knowledge of foreign policy.

This president can’t seem to get it right no matter what he does. Romney said he should have gotten permission fromĀ Pakistan before knocking off the Chairman of 911. Really? Wonder how long that would have taken?

Romney couldn’t even get the correct geographic locations of the countries he was trying to address his comments. Maybe if the commentator asked him how many jobs he could create overseas he might have been able to align the countries correctly.

And to think this man has a chance to rule our country.


26 thoughts on “YOU GOTTA LAUGH

      • Don’t understand; 1- Healthcare act doesn’t go into effect until 2014; 2- If your dad has Medicare he as of today would be covered by Hospice, if not it’s his freaking insurance company and not Obamacare, which again is not in effect. If someone told you that they are giving you a line of BS.

      • Oh boy this should be a great four years on this blog!!!

        Got that right; comedians are already lining up their material; should be a blast, especially for females!

      • Frank…as a working female I am scared to death of the outcome.
        It’s bad enough that my wages are less because of my sex but to have a bunch of MEN make laws concerning women’s healthcare…Lord, help us….

  1. This is why I don’t gotta laugh: Every year for the past 3 years under Obamma my paycheck has gotten smaller because the increase in taxes outpaces my increase in wages-For the first times EVER for the past 3 years under Obamma my wife and I have had to PAY at tax time, every other year since 1984 we have usually gotten a refund or at least not had to pay! For the past 3 years under Obamma my health insurance premiums AND deductables have gone up, up, up, while my coverages have gone down, down, down! For the past 3 years under Obamma the value of my property has gone down despite the fact that we have made major, drastic improvements. And my retirement took one hell of a hit when Obamma first took office and probably will never recover and I know two people very well who lost almost all of their retirement.PLEEEEESE TELL ME WHY I “JUST GOTTA LAUGH.’

  2. hospice and medicare told me this. medicare has changed criteria and now hospice is dropping so many they are actually going to be laying people off. all this because of the cuts to medicare to pay for obomacare. sadly its just not my dad but lots of others also. it may not go into full effect until 14 but it is already showing how ugly this is going to be.

  3. from what i was told with the 700 million cut coming and other cuts that are in it they not waiting until then to get in position to deal with the lack of funding. from what i was told if this goes into full effect we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • Colin Powell endorsed president Obama today; he said he didn’t want to been the healthcare bill dumped; he added it needed tweaking, which I have always said. What I can’t understand from opponents as I see it; this bill is a start toward stabalizing healthcare, the other side has offered nothing, why not give it a start. Social Security and Medicare have been amended many many times. What are the options? If you have none like the Republicans, then work with what you have and make improvements. There’s a lot of BS about this bill going on from Drug companies and the Medical field; they may only be able to afford 1 BMW instead of two or three. With all the changes over the years in healthcare, I’ve not seen a doctor or drug company draw welfare.

  4. sadly we shall see. if you have to hire 10000 irs goons to enforce it and the cbo saying 6-7 million middle class are going to be fined it isn’t a harbinger of good things to come.

  5. Your bias has made you way too cynical Frank. Smart businesses, including those in the medical fields have studied and paid others to study the impacts of Obama care on their businesses. When you made business decisions did you act reactively after the fact or proactively before the negative impact of something would affect your bottom line. Surely you’re not the only smart businessman in the country.

    • Neve was, that’s why I closed the business; couldn’t screw my customers, couldn’t make a decent living; while orthopedic specialists were soaking their clients with putting lifts on shoes, braces, I was doing the work for practically costs because I knew they were paying a fortune for special shoes; my prices for shoe repairs were always lower than my competitors. The shoes and clothes we sold were always discounted below our competitors. I had a working class clientile, I knew what it was like to be poor. How dare you think I was a greedy businessman.

      • Didn’t say you were a greedy businessman. You did by making a statement in a way that implied that all businesspersons are greedy. By the way, I know you believe that Obamacare is wonderful. So help us explain that to the 20 million people that the CBO says will lose their employer paid health insurance because of Obamacare why that is a good thing for them.

  6. Frank, on another note; it looks like we may be in for the Storm of the Century, I sure hope that The Mill Dam doesn’t break or we are going to have a lot of egg on our faces !!!!

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