My bride, many times before she passed away use to say when she came back in another life she was coming back as a man, to which I would reply, “So am I”.

Women are the glue that holds a family together, and for years they have been taken advantage by the work force and human rights. Under Democrat leadership changes have been made to allow a woman to decide what should be done to her body, and they have seen gains in the work place regarding equal pay; far from being there, but getting there.

Politics aside, if I were a woman today I would be scared to death about the outcome of this presidential election. Too much has come out by Tea Party candidates and the Republican presidential and vice-president candidate about abortion, birth control, and other female procedures that would set women’s right back to the dark alleys and risk of death.

I have been watching TV tonight and seeing a second Republican for the U.S. Senate say a woman raped should not be allowed to abort a pregnancy. I have shaken my head in disbelief thinking of my three daughters, a granddaughter, and three great granddaughters what would happen to them if this group is elected.

Not only to worry about the election, a Republican controlled Senate and President will be able to appoint one maybe two more conservatives to the U.S. Supreme Court where the possibility of Roe vs Wade being over turned, and much more.

With the new group of Republicans that went in two years ago in the Republican tidal wave, abortion laws have jumped by a large percent under their leadership.

My dad use to tell me a man can walk away from his mistake in making a woman pregnant, but a woman can’t  hide their mistakes. Under the Republicans it looks like we’ll see a lot more mistakes running around.

What bothers me is Republicans are pro-life, but they want to take away social programs that support the unwed moms; planned parenthood being one, and support for abortion clinics another. If you want the fatherless kids to come, then you must support them until they can get back to school and become productive citizens, but they need help getting on their feet.


15 thoughts on “GLAD I’M NOT A FEMALE

    • John rape is rape, a woman has no choice. Her body has been violated, a dark shadow over her forever; rape must be an awful memory to live with. I can understand a persons difference with me on party choice, but when it comes to moral isssues telling a person what they can do with their body is insane. You are always against govenment interference with people, what do you call telling a woman raped carrying an unwanted child she has to have a child and look at that child every day and think how the child arrived through a violent act.

  1. i hope I don’t come back as a baby in a permiscuious liberal women’s womb! I might be killed before I get a chance. But I do agree, government needs to stay the hell out of this debate…on both sides.

  2. Frank…glad you brought up this subject and for the rest of the (male) comments…HUSH! You truly do not have a clue what a female experiences nor should males make any decisions concerning womens healthcare issues. Mandate that a raped woman should give birth to the child? The woman/victim makes the decision, period.

  3. Kathy, I agree with you on the rape issue. That, incest and health of the mother are exceptions I am comfortable with. What do you say to women (a significant number) who are pro life?

    • Pro life = I (believe it or not) am pro-life. It is MY belief..but I do not have the authority to make decisions for any other female..just myself.

  4. The attitude of some of these maniacal crackpot conservatives toward women is making them into the American Taliban. I am very concerned about our country’s future.

  5. I’m glad your not a female either Frank because you may have never been born. Just think what the world would have been deprived of. The one place where a person should be the most safe has become a killing field. I thought you were a Catholic or am I wrong. The Romans used to discard their unwanted children in the streets for the wild dogs to rip apart and devour. Maybe we ought to make the mothers eat their unborn children. Barbaric isn’t it? So is abortion. Have any of you seen what happens to the poor child that is ripped apart in the womb? Now that’s barbaric as well. We are a real bunch of civilized people aren’t we?

    • Since you threw my religion in my face let me tell you about the pro-life stance of my church; they are wearing blinders. When I was a kid a family would take up an entire pew, today you are lucky to see one kid accompany a family. Do you think maybe the Holy Water has stopped them from having kids, or they may be practicing birth control? Your dramatics are BS. What about a kid having to go into an alley to have an abortion because they can’t go to a hospital? What do you think the rich do when their kids are knocked up; they send them away or have abortions. Wake the hell up people. A woman should make their choices not you, me or the government.

  6. “A woman should make their choices…” Thank you, Frank.
    And…women deserve EQUAL pay for EQUAL work.
    Yes, I am a member of the National Organization FOR Women.

  7. Isn’t it the Governments duty to make decisions for those who are not capable of making their own decisions!! At least that’s what the current administration pushes on those who can’t speak english or WON”T work. Man or Woman, I mean that’s the way I and many others currently interpret things.

  8. I makes me sick to think that a fetus has more rights than a living, breathing human being. Imagine your 12 y.o. daughter being raped by an uncle and ending up pregnant. Who should having to burden to carry that child and then raise it? My child who didn’t ask for this? No. When the GOP wants to overturn Roe V Wade they include rape cases too. Don’t let it fool you. Is abortion the answer for all? No. But it needs to the individuals choice. No one elses. You want government out of it. Leave them out of this too.

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