I found it interesting the contrast of two governors yesterday and their true feelings about their voters in how they motivated their citizens to leave their homes.

Governor Como of NY said the government was doing their job as was the first responders in preparing for the storm and he smiled saying he hoped the citizens would take the same responsibility and vacate as recommended.

Governor Christie of NJ abruptly told him people to get out or they were stupid, a word he repeated many times. Showing great class from a governor and lack of respect for his people. This is a man mentioned as a presidential candidate?

People from NY moved out in an orderly fashion, thousands in Atlantic NJ stayed and were stranded; guess they thought they weren’t stupid.  





  1. Leave it to a liberal to think peoples’ feelings getting hurt is more important than saving lives. You are “stupid” if you don’t listen to everyone around you telling you to leave before a massive 1500 mile wide hurricane hits.

  2. I liked the Como approach much better Ed; you are correct in saying people are stupid who don’t head advice that concerns their lives, but if I were governor, I wouldn’t speak to a dog like Christie did. Aren’t you one of the conservatives that don’t want government telling you what to do that you should make those decisions, except when it comes to a womans body, then the government should step in??

  3. It’s easy to sugar coat a dog turd and tell people it’s a treat, that’s politics 101, Christie is bluntly honest it’s unusual to see that in a Governor.

    What do you think about the NY marathon still happening on time. I heard they brought in giant generators to give the runners sponsors and such electric. one generator has the power to light/heat 300 to 400 homes but not being used for the victims there???

    • LOL< kills you guys to see a Democrat get a heads up. Both governors are doing their best and I did not comment about their work ethics; that's not what the post was about, it was about getting a point across. But Dy, of course I should have known, you can't debate the facts, just present your own. But you are entertaining.

  4. The good people left in an orderly fashion; who is more foolish? The fool or the fools that follow him. They are nothing but trained sheeple! The new jerseyites on the other hand at least made their own mind up, right or wrong they did not let someone influence them. That is what we need more of; people who think for themselves NOT the way the government wants them to think !!!!! ANd I do not know which party either Govenor is and don’t care!!!

  5. You said that Gov Christie showed a lack of respect, so attempting to have a marathon in a NYC with power outages, fights at gas stations, hording, price gouging, is showing respect to the people of your city and state.

    But what you missed was that the great Mayor of NYC originally was elected as a Republican, then went independent (for re-election) and now is further left then most Democrats will acknowledge.

    NYC great example of the government going crazy- the soda ban, mandatory breast feeding of newborns, you have sign out formula in the hospitals,

    • Marathon cancelled. What does Bloomberg have to do with my post. Can’t you ever stay on subject or is it too complicated for you? Never mentioned his name, not once! You’re ticked off because he endorsed Obama and not the rich kid. Sorry about your loss, but get a life Dy!

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