This presidential election was Mitt Romney’s to win; the economy and job numbers were not good, polls showed Obama’s popularity at a new low, but Romney had many odds to over come, but c ouldn’t.

He survived a brutal primary but came out damaged; when the governor of VA came out with an ultrasound bill that alerted women’s right groups,  the war began. Then he picked Ryan as his VP which fanned the women’s rights fire with his famed budget cutting funds for planned parent hood, repeal of Wade vs Roe, a broad overhaul of Medicare, Medicaid and other social cuts.

Romney wasn’t helped by two U.S. Senate contenders who made stupid remarks concerning rape, and although Romney made stands against those candidates, the perception was still there that the GOP was not in the female’s corner.

Apparently the GOP never read the sign I had in my kitchen, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t noboby happy.”

Then came the famous 47% video which did him in as Democrats pounced on that through election year.

Blacks never forgave the GOP for GOP Senate leader Mitch MCconnell saying their primary goal was to make their president a one-time president, add the GOP repression of voters aimed at blacks and the GOP’s  actions toward immigrants.

More blacks and immigrants voted yesterday than ever before, standing in lines for hours. This country is no longer a white country and the GOP needs to reevaluate where their priorities are.

Only 3 in 10 voters said most illegal immigrants working in the U.S. should be deported while nearly 2/3  said such people should be offered a chance to apply for legal status; contrary to the Republican platform.

Romney never quite connected with the working and middle class, and not revealing his income taxes which left open a lot of suspicion among voters that maybe he was hiding a lot of non-taxable money off shore. Fifty-two percent of voters said the President was more in touch with people like them, compared to 44 percent for Romney.

Reports show 6 in 10 voters said that taxes should be increased with nearly half saying taxes should be increased on income f $250,000 agreeing with the president.

Obama’s team with the exception of one poor performance in the first debate, remained on schedule. Numbers showing the economy improving, car sales up. housing starting to move allowed the voters to remain with what they had not wanting to gamble on change.  

I guess the final blow came when the GOP lost instead of gaining seats in the U.S. Senate which would have given them complete control in Congress.

One can only hope both sides have learned a lesson in this election; the Republicans will work with the President, and that the President will reach out to the Republicans. Neither side will get what they want entirety, but let’s hope they look our for the people who put them in Washington.

Women’s polling numbers varied between whether to vote for the economy or women’s rights; they chose the latter.

ON MY predictions I missed on two House seats in Sussex; all other predictions were right on. I believe that’s right, if not, I’m sure I’ll be told; long night.



  1. Frank,.I hate to say this but I fear you will see what we’ve all been trying to tell you about Obama very soon now. I hope I’m wrong but I predict more radical and unconstitutional acts on his part are in the near future. I’m afraid for America. I congratulate you on your candidates victory. I hope he proves me wrong.

    • Well Shirley I shared the same fears with Mr. Romney; I guess we’ll have to see what we have at the end of these four years. Hopefully there will be more cooperation from both sides benefiting all Americans.

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