President Andrew Jackson who cleaned house and appointed his friends to powerful positions when he was elected president of the U.S. supported his actions by saying, “To the victors belong the spoils”, which in later years became, “To the winners go the spoils”, simply meaning the winners get the good jobs and the losers exit.

Most government employees are now protected by the merit system and cannot simply be fired because of their political affiliation; however dumping someone can be done by eliminating the position and reposting the job under another title, then hiring their political choice.

Those not protected by the merit system are still vaunable to getting the shaft when political powers change. These actions don’t require brain surgery; both parties do it, it is a way of rewarding their party faithful.

Over the years I have found Democrats are less hesitant to make political changes especially in Sussex County, while the Republicans play the game of hard ball, something I find no fault with because I believe in Andrew Jackson’s policy.

I have always felt Presidents and Governors should be able to fill their cabinet appointments without fanfare from the opposing parties. If they make a bad pick the party in power has only themselves to blame.

Over my 74 years I have seen in civic clubs, political leadership positions, that some people I thought were qualified in top positions failed while others I felt didn’t have it, became strong leaders. So, who are we to judge ones fate?

With President Obama Republicans seem hell-bent on opposing anything he proposes for any position in his administration, forgetting the history of the many Republicans indicted or forced out of power during their administrations.

It appears we are in for another four years of in-fighting between the parties. Somehow this country will survive the in-fighting, although Americans will come up on the short end of the stick.



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