President Obama just concluded presenting his proposals to making gun ownership still legal, but with regulations to make life safer for the public.

He made it perfectly clear he supports the 2nd amendment, a persons right to bear arms; he only wants everyone who purchases a gun to have a background check. Now you can go to a gun show and buy an arsenal without a background check.

He wants to make it illegal to own a gun that holds more than 10 rounds in a clip, another words no ownership of semiautomatic guns that can wipe out a classroom in seconds. The President also wants more police in schools who desire to have them, and more emphasis on mental health treatment.

Sounds reasonable; but the legislation will never pass either House in Congress. The NRA says they have enough votes not to allow any changes to happen. Even Majority Senate leader Harry Reid won’t support his president saying it is a waste of time to present any bill to limit the purchase of assault weapons. Really?

The NRA claims since the recent killing of innocent kids, they are receiving an average of new 8000 members a Day which equals into $$$$ which are contributed to Legislators based on a score card by the NRA which determines how much election money they receive based on their voting record.

A shame people will sell their soul at the expense of others.




  1. Sorry Frank. I can’t let this post go by without a reply. The propaganda is just too deep.

    First, there is no such thing as a gun show loophole. Gun dealers are required to perform the same background checks at a gun show as they would in the store. The insinuation that you can buy an arsenal at a gun show without a background check is wrong. The only unlicensed dealers at gun shows are those selling unlicensed items (ammo, magazines, knives, etc.).

    According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, only 0.7% of convicts bought their firearm at a gun show. 39.2% bought them from an illegal street dealer. As a matter of fact, according to the BATF 93% of guns used in crimes were obtained illegally. No amount of background checks are going to stop this trend. The child killer in CT used the “kill my mother and steal her guns” loophole. No background check would have prevented it.

    Second, since when did some arbitrary 10 round limit become such a life saver. Anyone taking the time to practice should be able to change a magazine in under 5 seconds.

    By the way, did you read the WBOC news story about the recent home invasion robbery in Frankford. Four suspects, armed. Why would I want to be limited to a ten round magazine to defend myself against four armed intruders? Do you think men willing to break into your house, hold you hostage and rob you while armed care about a round limit on their guns? The only ones affected by such arbitrary laws are the legal law abiding gun owners.

    Lastly, your comment about the NRA is reprehensible. I did not join the NRA to support mentally deranged child killers. I joined because I believe our 2nd Amendment rights are no less important than your 1st Amendment right to publish this blog. Supporting the Constitution and Bill of Rights should not be referred to with such disdain. I’m all for cutting off lobbyist $$$ to legislators but I’m afraid most of your political allies would be hard pressed to agree with such requirements. Selling their souls has long been the tradition of most politicians in this country, regardless of party affiliation.

    For those who do not buy into the propaganda and wish to preserve their rights, the Delaware State Sportman’s Association is having a rally in Dover this Sunday at 1pm. The location is 1121 Forrest Avenue (Route 8 West) in Dover, DE. More info here:

      • What you are referring to is a private transactions between a willing buyer and a willing seller of private property, which, by the way, is already regulated by existing ATF rules. This is no different then selling a firearm in the guide, to my neighbor or my son. Am I now going to have to pay a fee, price set by the private FFL conducting the transfer, at some market rate, to buy a hunting shotgun? Do you think this will stop criminals, who obtain at a minimum 93% of their weapons illegally, from obtaining guns? The only people who would pay the fee are…you guessed it….the legal law abiding gun owner who once again gets it in the rear.

  2. a good thirty years ago i taught a small girl that came to school filthy and smelling of urine and cigarette smoke every single day. it was so bad and so continual that our school nurse sent a letter home to the parents of the whole school about how important cleanliness was to the self image of children. no change. my little student was being ostracized by the others in the school. she was shy and very introverted. finally a second letter was sent to those particular parents. no change. this child was withdrawing totally from learning. one day later she came smelling so bad that she was given a bath at school and new clothes. her hair was brushed and her smile was huge. the next day i received a letter from the father saying he was coming to town on wednesday(the day free food was given out at the armory) and was coming to school to shoot me. i taught several days with my door locked and the curtains drawn. my purpose is that in today’s world someone with that mentality would not hesitate to follow thru without so much as a warning. times change. we have to be able to realize there are too many people with big grudges and small brains. but our children at school cannot be a target for these people. so if these 23 orders aren’t the answer, what is?

    • Please tell me where, in the list of 23, you find solace. Which item would have prevented the man who threatened you from actually carrying it out? Providing training to school faculties is a good idea, but who conducts the training? What does the training consist of? More school resource officers are also a good idea, but last I heard funding for these are being cut so who pays for it?

      Where are the practical, real life, oh crap solutions. Let me ask you this. Why do you think these crimes are almost always carried out in gun free zones? If the child killer in CT had been confronted by a principle, teacher or other faculty, who had received training and was carrying a concealed weapon, how many lives do you think would have been saved? As the President said, if it saves even one child’s life, we should pursue it. Gun free zones are criminal target ranges. They provide the maximum number of potential casualties with the least potential threat of resistance.

      • in the list of 23 was an inclusion about a school psycologist or psychiatrist or resource officer for the schools. not that both aren’t needed, but an armed resource officer that was not a transient employee would certainly provide some security for each school. these things can’t be prevented, but everything possible to make it more difficult has to occur. i was under the impression the the nra was going to help with this.

        Carol the NRA has offered to train the armed resourse officers; didn’t say just on the first hiring or replacements that follow.

  3. I cannot tell you how disappointed, but not surprised, I was to read the gist of the Governor’s and Attorney General’s proposed legislation purporting to protect us from gun violence. Several of the proposals, despite assurances to the contrary, directly impact my God given right, under the constitutions of the United States and the State of Delaware, to protect my family, myself and my home.
    The proposals to limit my choice of arms and my choice of magazine size will handcuff me in the face of deadly danger. One needs only to read the weekly, if not daily, news accounts of home invasions in Kent and Sussex County. These are not crimes where criminals sneak in and then out with personal property. Within a 7 mile radius of my house, home invasions have ended in murder and rape. These cowards come at night and never alone. The typical home invasion involves 3 or 4 thugs and often more. They come expecting to find people at home and they come armed, prepared for confrontation.
    Last year our legislature mandated watered down, yet harsher, penalties for home invasion but someone forgot to tell the criminals. Home invasions have not abated. They continue at the same, if not higher, rate. Harsher penalties are fine once you are a victim but I don’t want my family or me to be victims in the first place. It is all well and good for these politicians to wring their hands and speak pretty platitudes about victim’s rights but I have a right not to be a victim.
    The courts have held that the government bears no obligation to protect individual citizens. I cannot legally or realistically depend on the government to protect me and mine. It is time for all of us to recognize that the government cannot care for us cradle to the grave. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. I have an AR-15 that I use as part of my home security. If I am limited to a 5 shot magazine, I will have less protection than the mom in Atlanta who needed a six shot revolver to protect herself, and her kids, from a single robber.
    The most insidious result flowing from these proposals is that people are being lulled into believing that, somehow, our elected officials are making the lives of our children safer. The news reports from Connecticut state that the police found multiple, partially used magazines indicating that this monster reloaded many times without emptying the magazine he was using. The truth is that a magazine limitation would not have saved one child that terrible day. If words on a piece of paper make anyone safer then we can save a ton of money. Apparently all we have to do is put “No guns allowed signs” in the governor’s yard and he won’t need a security detail.
    The action proposed by these politicians, in diminishing my capacity to protect myself, purport to enhance the safety of our children when all it really does is to make them more vulnerable. At a time when we need more school security, and not less, the State is cutting funding to the school districts for Resource Officers. Sussex Tech and Cape Henlopen may be able to afford that but Delmar, Laurel, Seaford and Woodbridge cannot. If the State of Delaware would use some of the money we now use to house nonviolent drug offenders we could put trained security (not necessarily Delaware State Police officers) in every one of our schools.
    The Supreme Court has ruled that the 2nd amendment applies, not to militias, but to individuals. Our constitution will not allow the government to confiscate all the firearms. It is not legally possible. Unless it is guaranteed that everyone is disarmed, it is simply not possible for an honest man to protect himself and his family. The phrase “If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns” is not just a clever slogan, it is the truth. If our law enforcement officials are honest, they will tell you that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun (why else would we arm cops) but the cops can’t be everywhere.
    The urban, liberal media, because it doesn’t fit their agenda, won’t report the thousands of times a year that an armed citizen successfully protected himself, his family or someone else. One good example of this involves the recent Oregon mall shooting. The press reported the 2 tragic murders and then went on to breathlessly announce how much worse it could have been because the criminal was armed with an “assault” rifle. What they have refused to report is that, after securing his girlfriend and children, a private armed citizen with a concealed carry permit engaged the criminal after he’d already killed 2 people. The gentleman could not safely take a shot but was able to display his weapon to the murderer. The shooter broke off the engagement, ran down another hallway and killed himself. Apparently it is more convenient to demonize guns and gun owners than it is to report the truth without a slant or spin.
    I find it interesting, especially after the News Journal published an article this past Sunday about the marginalization of rural America, that the proponents of this debate breaks out along mostly urban vs. rural lines. Those of us who live furthest from government and government services seem more ready to recognize that a person cannot depend upon the government. Those people least likely to have grown up around guns are afraid and see them as the embodiment of evil; people who have been raised with guns see them for what they are, tools. There are ways to address the concerns of those that fear, that do not involve me risking my life and the lives of my family in return for their false sense of security. Thank you,

    John Sandy

  4. Mr. Waddel, just where do you think the Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights come from? What other rights do you think that we ought to forfeit?

  5. Chicago, DC and NYC have the strictest gun laws on the books, and each year one of them will be the Murder Capitol of the Nation. Over 96% of those murders will be committed by a stolen/illegal weapon. Over 93% of those murders will be committed by a person prohibited from owning/carrying a firearm (convicted felon). So instead of taking my firearms maybe the liberals should look at keeping these people in jails and making them take responsibility for their actions. It is always not his or her fault, they had a bad child hood, they were mistreated, it is society that made them do wrong. BS

    Or lets look at the music industry that produces songs about shooting the police, or shooting someone else make it gangsta style. How about going after the movie industry and the gaming industry for producing those type of movies or games. That will never happen, who would host a $50,000 plate dinners.

    A gun can not load itself, aim itself nor pull it’s own trigger.

  6. I have a question that nobody seems to be able to answer. If as according to reports there where three guns that day, with two being handguns found with the shooter and the third the ar found in the trunk as is shown on videos. Just how did it get back in the trunk after being used in the school.

    • The media has been so quick to report anything, just so that they’d have something to air, that there is no way for the public, at this time, to know what to believe; Being familiar with AR style rifles I can tell you that the long gun being removed from the car in the video is certainly not an AR. From the manner in which the bolt is being operated it appears to be a semi automatic shotgun (perhaps a Saiga). The news has stopped being the news, at least as far as television is concerned, it is now “infotainment”. It is all about ratings. If more people watch CNN than FOX then CNN can charge more for their commercial time. It doesn’t matter if the story is wrong, just get it out there first. Heaven forbid that they go back and correct a story. I don’t think that NBC has ever again addressed whether there was two hand guns, three handguns and a rifle or four handguns. It is no wonder that people don’t believe what they are being told now. They were told the shooter’s wrong name, they were told that the shooter’s brother had been found dead in Rhode Island, they were told that the shooter’s mother was a teacher at the school, they were told “not a teacher” but she worked there.. It goes on and on. Who knows whether or not an AR15 was used? Who knows what size magazines? But lets quick pass some legislation while the pain is so real before anyone has time to notice that we don’t have any of these answers.

      • Not a gun person, being in the Army using an M-12 and being in the tank division was enough for me, but I didn’t think the presidents 23 point list was very strong, just some house keeping points, nothing that would stop a law biding citizen from having a gun; he’s trying to close some Hippo loop holes that allow nuts to carry guns. I really don’t think much if anything is going to change. It’s going to be difficult to keep guns away from people the way you didn’t stop people from buying booze during prohibition.

  7. Obama says be supports the 2nd amendment. Right, I’ll believe that when pigs fly. As an Illinois State Senator, a qestionaire contributed to him had an answer that stated that he supported the complete ban on manufacture and sale of handguns. After the DC gun ban was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, Senator Obama stated,” he believe that the Constitution confers an individual right to bears arms., but just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or government can’t constrain the exercise of the right.

    Does any of the 23 orders really stop the criminal element or the crazies from shooting any person, young or old. Only the law abiding are going to be punished and die. Of course there was the photo op with the children. Always the children. A ploy that the liberals like to use, except the aborted. Take a look a history and see who else like to have photos with children.

  8. People change; when you become president you should represent everyone; who ever thought Lyndon Johnson would follow the path of John Kennedy. When you find the beef you see issues differently.

  9. I believe that Herman must be making reference to all of the photos that HITLER had taken of him with the children. Now are children are learning history by living it because this is how it must have felt living under Hitler and not being able to do anything about it !!

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  11. I guess the point is that they surround themselves with children because they can’t find enough adults who would act happy to be around them. The children are young and innocent and don’t know any better!!

  12. Read my post again Sandy and you will see I never mention Hitler. If you look at gun control, Obamacare, global warming, education and any other subject, they always surround themselves with children. No one wants to say anything negative about children, so they hide behind them.

  13. This may seem irrelevant to the topic at first but it’s relevant, think outside the box for a moment. I was raised in this town and I know most of you on a personal level. Frank, going back a few years my mother would take me into your shoe store to buy Kangaroo sneakers. A few years is an under statement and I say that with a smile. My mother would purchase these shoes with cash or card, I don’t really remember because there is no record of her and I coming into store or making those purchases. Keep the last part of that sentence in mind- (there is no record of her and I coming into store or making those purchases). My father and I would go into John’s hardware store as well and get anything for anything without anyone knowing what we purchased for whatever project we had. Over the years that simple freedom of privacy has been taken from all of us due to small group of people with criminal intent. Over time it has cost us the freedom to purchase most goods without interference or having the Federal Government knowing who, what, when, where, why and how the purchase was made. You might ask yourself why are they keeping records of me, I’m not a criminal? They do keep a record of everything and that is fact. You can’t do anything today without being tracked by finance, cameras and so on. We should have drawn the line many years ago, but because of the convenience and safety of our current banking system we payed it no mind. There is more financial crime today than there has ever been in the history of this country. The US congress gave up the right to our money when the handed it over to the Federal Reserve. Two years ago the Federal Reserve lost 9 trillion dollars, as in it’s gone without a trace. There is nothing Federal about the Reserve and all Americans should come to terms with that fact. On that note, we should take the education system back to teach our kids what they should know instead of the sugar coated education they receive.
    This my friend is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to encroachment on the rights of the American people. It’s easy for some to pay these issues no mind because it forces no inconvenience and doesn’t effect us here and now. The time will come when all will be directly effected in some shape or form by the unconstitutional actions to make us safe in the name of something. They have used the “It’s to keep you Safe” slogan many times since 2001 because of Terror. The loss of Freedoms accrued since 2001 is a disgrace and now it’s Law abiding American citizens with Guns whom are the enemy. We are not just fighting against the infringement of the 2nd Amendment but the Constitution in it’s entirety. If we lose this fight we will lose them all in due time. Of us who took an Oath to protect the Constitution of the United States above all ,should do so without compromise.

    Thanks Frank for the opportunity to voice my opinion and state the facts.

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