Governor Jack Markell’s plan to give raises to judges and cabinet secretaries is like today’s weather-all wet. The reasoning is the same old story, the increases are needed to attract quality employees. Really?

I guess it doesn’t matter if the rank and file employees are underpaid; we can attract lesser quality employees who do the day-to-day tasks.?I know some of my readers think government employees are over paid, maybe on the federal level but certainly not on the state and county level in DE. I knew of many employees when I worked for the county and state who were on food stamps.

Cabinet Secretaries and Judges make in excess of $125,000; Markell wants to raise some of his cabinet members closer to $150,000. Some judges make that already and don’t have the office expense of an attorney  who has to hire staff and pay office overhead; all of that for state judges are paid by the taxpayers.

While it may not be a good time to give anyone a raise it certainly is not a good time to give 6% raises to those making a comfortable salary now. As far as not attracting qualified people to fill those positions I have to disagree with the governor. With nearly 1 million people residing in DE, I think there might be a person or two who could fill those positions.


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