I just don’t understand this gun issue. I keep hearing proponents of guns saying the government wants to take away their right to arm themselves under the 2nd amendment of the Constitution, over and over and over again.

I don’t want that and almost everyone I talk to doesn’t want that. The President’s 23 point proposal for gun relations and Delaware’s Governor say nothing about taking away the right to protect a persons rights or to take away the right to hunt, shoot or defend their homes.

I just don’t want some jackass to come into my home, place of worship, or any public place and shoot everyone in sight. Am I being selfish to want me and my loved ones protected from Rambo coming in with ammo wrapped around their arm firing umpteen rounds of ammo per second?

Why is the NRA scaring the heck out of people falsely putting the fear of GOD in people stating if everyone doesn’t have the right to own an assault weapon they will be wiped out when just the opposite is happening, or that everyone regardless of mental backgrounds needs the right to own a gun, when most mass killings are from people with mental illness?

Is the scare tactics for money? I have heard the NRA membership is gaining thousands of new members daily since the killing of school children. What is the reason for being against any kind of compromise for better gun regulations? I know we will never solve the problem, but can we at least attempt to help?

Or am I missing something here?




  1. Why is it people believe such extreme stuff like for mentioned accusations.When we don’t believe any other crap gov’t says is what I wanna know. I guess we in this country are getting to the point where we not only don’t trust gov’t now we are becoming scared of it.

  2. Why? How many of the guns in gun violence are obtained legally? Chicago, NYC and DC have some of the strictest gun laws on the books and they still are the top murder cities in the nation. Look at Wilmington the murder rate is going up, but the court systems still release criminals back to the street awaiting trial where they commit more crimes. All for metal stability checks but bottom line is bad guys are going to get weapons to kill.

    Do a little research in who started calling certain guns “assault”, so they could push through the last ban on guns. Assault is an action not a weapon.

    No matter what you say inanimate objects that kill have one thing in common, the person using the inanimate object.

    Use of knives, bats, personal body weapons and blunt objects (as highlighted in red) are the tools, which the criminals use to take far more lives that guns. Criminals will always get their their weapons, no matter what. That is a FACT!


    • this is true. it seems to me that those 23 regulations only aim at tightening up regulations that already exist, perhaps to make mass murder a little more difficult. somebody please offer a better plan. the status quo is not working.

      • You use the word ‘legally’ loosely. You mention nothing about the loop holes the govenment wants to close like the nuts who can purchase guns at gun shows without back ground checks, or those with mental problems that their doctors know but can’t reveal because of Hippo laws. Again, no one is trying to take your toys away from you, they just want to make sure they are toys and not used for mass destruction. Is that asking for too much?

  3. Yes, you’re missing a lot, Frank. Mainly facts. The 2nd Amendment guarantees you the right to defend yourself from the “jackasses”, one. Two, there is no gunshow loophole…every dealer that sells firearms at a gunshow, performs background checks…period.Three, the NRA does not say anyone with a mental illness should have a weapon. It’s so blatantly obvious that the ones calling for gun control know nothing of the weapons that they want to control. What they know is these weapons look scarey to them and if “they” dont have a use for them, then there must be no reason for anyone to own them. Like most left-wing freedom haters, they base their causes on emotion and not the facts of what works and what wont. Here’s something i’d like to know, Frank. If the Governor was so concerned about preventing crime, why did he eliminate the state criminal background checks for gun purchases last year? Proves to me that to him, infringing on the law-abiding gun owner is more important than preventing crime. Shameful!

  4. I read the 10 most common murder weapons, etc. I want to add something to that as I am not in agreement with it at all. I was on the state police for 20 years and I have been involved in the criminal justice system for an additional 18 1/2 years, In close to 40 years I NEVER had one murder case where a person murdered another person using their hands, fists, or body parts. Most of the murder cases I came in contact with in 38 1/2 years have been murder with guns. In second place would be knives. There is nothing wrong with people having weapons but assault weapons are not the best choice for defense. One more thing I would like to make clear. If you have a weapon in your home, the criminal is usually going to get that weapon from you and use it on you. They have the element of surprise. When the state police did raids, we knew the criminals had weapons in the home and “we” had the element of surprise and we always managed to get to the criminal’s weapons before they could get to their weapon. A responsible gun owner does not keep a loaded weapon in their home as the average person has children or grandchildren in the home. What are you going to do? Sit in your recliner every night with your loaded weapon so that you have the element of surprise? OR, are you going to wait and say, “let me run in the bedroom and get my weapon……….”and load it.” If Texas does not have many murders, how come they are the top state for executing murderers. They are getting murderers from somewhere. Are they importing them? You can’t carry a knife with more than a 4 inch blade but you can carry an assault weapon with a 30 round clip.

  5. The gun show “loophole” is dealing with the private seller who sells at the gun show. If this person is not selling at a gun show, then maybe at a flea market, classified adds, or anywhere.

    Presently, 17 states regulate private firearm sales at gun shows. Seven states require background checks on all gun sales at gun shows (California, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Oregon, New York, Illinois and Colorado). Look who is in this list Illinois and NY, hmmmm, Chicago and NYC highest murder rates, so this regulation really works, DC does not have guns shows. Connecticut is in this list also.

  6. If you are not into protecting yourself and your family than you are missing something! If my home is broken into by someone illegally with illegal weapons then I want to be able to LEGALLY at least match the bad guys firepower. In the heat of the moment a few shots is nothing against a bad guy that has ILLEGALLY obtained weapons that have 30 or more shots. This is my right guaranteed by the second amendment that the current regime is attempting to take away. If you are unarmed and defenseless by the time police arrive the bad guys are long gone and you could be dead. I personally do not understand anyone who thinks disarming and limiting the firepower of law abiding citizens is going to help anybody. Maybe someone could explain to those whose home has been invaded why it is better to be defenseless? “The only thing that beats a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” And I don’t care what the lamestream media says; When you buy a gun from a gun show you do not get to just take it with you. The transaction takes place and the firearm is sent to a licensed firearm dealer for the proper federal procedure to be followed. The Gun show loophole is Pure, unadulterated, Govrenment Media Bullshit !!!! Leave us law abiding gun owners alone!!! Besides You may need our protection someday!!

  7. John, if a gun is purchased at a legitimate auction, you have to transfer it through a local dealer and go through a background check. If you buy it at a gun show, they are sold the same as at a flea market. You pay your money and you walk out with your gun even if you just left the Delaware State Hospital. Gun shows are nothing more than a flea market with guns only. The guy who shot at the policeman’s house was a convicted felon and as such was not allowed to legally purchase or possess a firearm or ammunition; however, he could have walked across the street from his house and purchased it to the flea market with no check done. This is one of the things that needs to be changed. No one is trying to take away guns from anyone who can legally possess them. This is propaganda put out by the gun manufacturer’s lobby better known as the NRA.

  8. Jim now you are spreading the propaganda. License dealers at gun shows must abide by the law when selling firearms, does not matter if it is from their store, home or gun show. The loophole that the propaganda press talks about is the once in a while seller, the person who inherited guns or just wants to sell some at the gun show. 33 states do not have provisions for this in their laws, but it does not matter, three cities that have the highest murder rate do.

  9. By the way Jim, I have over 30 yrs in law enforcement and still currently in law enforcement and from TEXAS. The reason Texas executes so many is they don’t have the liberal bs defending them for 20 yrs after they have been sentenced to death. And yes over 40% of the defendants on death row were imported illegally into the United States because of the non enforcement of immigration laws. The same people that spout off about gun show loopholes are the same ones that say the southern border is secure. Where do you get your information that if you have a weapon in your home the criminal is going to take it from you and use it on you? A responsible gun owner does not keep his gun loaded at home- another statistic from where? WIth your years in law enforcement you fell into the propaganda trap of calling it an assault weapon, no classification in the ATF as assault weapon. An assault is an action.

    • dy, I think I detect a lot of anger in your writing. Why don’t you type in “assault weapon” in the search engine? The definition does not come back as an “action.” I am a woman and not every woman has a man in the house to “protect” her. Yes, some women know how to use a gun, but not all of them. Personally I only know one woman who was alone that confronted a criminal. She came home from work on her lunch hour and when she heard the person she got her gun that was supposed to protect her. That man took the gun from her and shot and killed her. I don’t know how close that criminal was to her when she grabbed the gun and I don’t know if the problem was that she just could not pull the trigger. All I know is that the man killed my friend. The only other person that I personally know who had a person break into their house did pull their gun out on the criminal. That person happened to be my brother-in-law who had purchased the gun for protection, and he met up with the person in his hallway. My sister was right behind him screaming, “Shoot him…….shoot him.” My brother-in-law froze and he could not pull the trigger. My brother-in-law was no wimp, but he could not bring himself to shoot to kill. That man could have killed my brother-in-law and my sister. He was within 5 feet of them. They were fortunate that the man ran in the opposite direction out of the house .It never crossed his mind that he would not be able to shoot the gun. So dy, this tells me that not every person should try to protect themselves with a gun. Like you my brother-in-law was a lot of talk, and was a tough guy. Have you ever actually pulled the trigger to shoot to kill? You don’t know if you could do it or not. You might be like my brother-in-law. Then there are the other people that I call gun nutcases……….the ones who are so paranoid that they think everyone is trying to take their guns away. You know what I mean………….the fruit cakes…………the mentally unstable people who have access to a gun. Gun owners should be glad I don’t make the rules about gun ownership. Personally, I feel that everyone who owns a gun should be made to prove that they are mentally stable. That includes you. That should not insult you as long as you feel confident of your mental status. Why would a person object to taking a psychological regarding whether they should be allowed to own a gun? How many NRA members would have to drop out of the membership? In my opinion, a gun should have an “address” just like a motor vehicle. A cop knows an address of where to look for a vehicle. Why shouldn’t it be the same for a gun. Maybe I know you and maybe I don’t know you. You don’t have nerve enough to put your real name out there for everyone to read so I don’t know if I would trust you with a gun or not. You say you have a law enforcement background. You might just be a civilian worker for a police department …………or a typist or you could be the civilian who runs the background checks or you might be a meter maid. You might be a correctional officer who does not carry a gun unless you have to go to the court with a prisioner. You never said you were a policeman who has had to pass a psychological to carry your holstered weapon strapped to you for twenty years. You have not made it clear as to your background in law enforcement. Who knows? I would like to say that you have a lot of “rage” in your voice when you are trying to defend your position. The more you wrote the madder you got which made me want to laugh. I think you are one of those who is afraid you are going to have to hand over your guns. Don’t worry………..it won’t happen.

      • Janet, I have 30 yrs of actual law enforcement. I have experience in military, local/state and federal, just a tad bit more than you or Jim. Have experience with instructing the use of weapons, hand to hand and explosives, have taught at military, local/state and federal. I have no rage or was I mad when I was typing my reply, your obvious people skills failed you, see daily I deal with idiots that think they know more than me and I actually enjoy listening to them before they are arrested.

        A psychological exam by whom? If you read the different studies on mental illness and disease you will find that there is a disagreement between the experts in this field. Not sure if this is so they can keep getting funding for there studies or if they really have a disagreement. Being in law enforcement I have attended numerous training seminars on this and read studies, there is just so much variation on this.

        If you get your definitions and information from Wikipedia then we are in trouble. You understand how search engines work- the reply by companies or organization that pay to have there site listed first after that it is listed by the number of hits on site. Just because they listed first does not mean they are right.

        Answer your question about your brother in law – I have and I live with it everyday.

        I have to pass a psych review every year because of what I do. So I am cleared by your standards to carry.

      • Well, it seems I am not the only one who thinks people who handle guns should pass a psych test. I guess your employer believes in it. If someone does allow you to carry a weapon, I am glad to hear you passed it. I still don’t know what you do for a living. Somehow I don’t feel you are a “cop.” Maybe you were a military cop when you were in the service. You have been one busy beaver working for the local, state,federal and military. You must be very well rounded and you must be sure of your skills due to the fact that you are willing to work around explosives. For that I do admire you as there is no room for mistakes from what I gather, I could say I was a jet pilot on this blog, and people would know that is not true because they know me by my name which I am not ashamed to put on the blog. Before I married thirty years ago, I was a social worker. You “still” do not say what you do for a living and when I worked as a social worker I was used to asking detailed questions of my welfare clients. I have plenty of “people skills”……..some endear me to people and the other “people skills” piss people off. I also enjoy listening to idiots that think they know more than I know especially about people skills because I later laugh at them. Now that sentence that you decided to put in there really let me know you were on a short fuse. Oh, by the way, I was trying to be nice to you when I said I could detect your anger or rage…………what I should have said was that I detected I had plucked your last nerve and you were pissed off. Yep, don’t worry, I have been known to piss off my husband more than once so I recogonize pissed off in someone’s tone and your tone said to me you were pissed off with me. I have been known to laugh when I piss him off, too because that “cop mode smart a** tone” doesn’t work on me and your “military mode smart a** tone” doesn’t work on me either. Both modes bring out the smart a** in me. You can be thankful you don’t have to live around me just as i am thankful I don’t have to live around you. I am not insecure to the point that I have to put down “JJ” as my name because I don’t care if people don’t like what I have to say. I do like to make my husband happy but other than him………..I have learned not to worry if people like me. You have a nice night.

  10. Not sure how you can compare a police raid to a criminal break-in. A police raid is an organized action with training on how to deal with expected resistance. Criminals are not trained and are often defeated when met with armed resistance. I’ll also add, a responsible gun owner that leaves his home-protection weapon unloaded, is irresponsible. Read your link, Frank. Saw no mention of why Markell eliminated the state criminal background checks for gun purchasers. I figured with your ties to the Democratic party, you would know why this was done and why the push for more restrictions on guns without addressing state criminal background checks…hmm.

      • Frank, I purchase enough firearms to know…Delaware has cancelled the state criminal background check for firearm purchases. Have not heard why. I know people on the retail side if the business that have told me on numerous occasions that would-be buyers have been denied by the state check that passed the federal check. Janet, Google “privilege” and “constitutional right”, then you’ll have your answer.

    • Dale Warner, I don’t know you but apparently you did not like the comments that my husband made on this blog. I have a couple of comments to make to you. First I want to say that I am the wife of Jim Jestice and he is “NOT” going to keep a loaded weapon in “MY” house. We have grandchildren. Haven’t you ever heard of children finding a loaded weapon in the house and shooting their sister or brother? That is not going to happen in MY home. There have been many kids who were told to leave a weapon alone, but they did not listen and they are now dead. How could you live with yourself if someone got shot in your home due to you leaving a loaded weapon for a child to find. You could keep your loaded weapon hidden in a closet and it is still possible a kid could find the gun. Guess what? If that happens your grandchild will probably be dead and you will be arrested.

      Well, I guess there are men who sit around in their underwear every night in the family room watching tv, with their AK 47 in their hand, but my husband is not one of them. ome

      By the way, “another state trooper” ………..not my husband, told me that 90% of the time when there is a home invasion………….”SOMEONE” in that household is involved with drugs. It could be anyone in your family that you have no idea that they are involved in the drug culture. If your “someone” does not pay the drug dealer, they are going to come after him or her and you and that family member may get shot. So unless you have someone like that in your family, I would not worry about a home invasion. During this 90% of the time when there is a home invasion, they come in as they know there is money or drugs there. There is always a motive………they are not just coming in there just to hurt you. They want their money or drugs.

      The doctor gave me a sleeping pill which can cause some people to sleep walk. I am one of those people who occasionally sleep walks due to taking this sleeping pill. I am not aware that I am sleep walking. The doctor said it is possible a sleep walker can get in a car and drive hundred of miles from home and not remember it. They have been known to fix dinner at 2:00 am. A sleep walker has been known to go in their swimming pool in the middle of the night. My internist told my husband to put all knives and guns in the house because a sleep walker can be dreaming and think you are there to harm them and there is a possibility “a sleep walker could That person could be the person who sleeps with you and who you would never dream would hurt you. When the doctor told us this statement, we laughed because I love my husband and would never willingly hurt him. The doctor said there would be a possibility I would not realize it was my husband when I was sleep walking so he still suggested we put the guns away. Now that got my husband’s attention! Well there was no way we could put away every knife in the house at night so Jim got a motion detected alarm and if I get up in the middle of the night and go toward the kitchen, the alarm wakes Jim up and he comes and gets me. If I try to go outside the ADT alarm goes off.
      Dale, there is no one more responsible than my husband. He is the most responsible person I have ever met and I trust him with a gun. I am beginning to wonder if you are one of the men who sits in your recliner with your AK 47 while watching tv at night. Just because you might be a member of the NRA does not mean you are a responsible gun owner. At this point I don’t consider you a nutcase gun owner, but there are plenty of them out there.

  11. Jim Jestice stated,” If Texas does not have many murders, how come they are the top state for executing murders”. Good question. The answer could be the criminal element knows the crime of murder in Texas could be the taking of his/her own life. That’s a good deterrent.

    Another problem that most states do not address. If someone is denied a gun, gets his brother to buy him one, kills his wife and then himself, that brother cannot be charged with anything. That happen to a family member in Maryland.

    • Mr. Dickerson, I was just sitting here reading your comment to Jim. He agrees with you that it is a problem that needs to be addressed. I said, “Jim, last night after you went to bed I typed something into the search engine I had heard throughout the years on tv regarding the State of Texas. I told JIm that I found that Texas has executed more innocent people than any other state in our nation. Sometimes they find out
      years after the person was executed that they were innocent. Mr. Dickerson, I think it should be against the law to buy a gun for another person. I feel confident that the mother in Connecticut bought all those guns for her son. Just think………….she probably paid for the gun that killed her.

      • Janet, I have no problem with how you choose to secure your home…none of my business and doesn’t concern me at all. Could not care less if you think I’m nutcase either. I will protect my family and property how I see fit and that is pretty much, that. I stand by my comments.

  12. Dale, I feel confident that you know how to handle a gun and I think you should protect your home the way you think would be the most beneficial. I keep wondering if you have grandchildren…………I wonder if you ever think that a child could get your gun that is probably loaded? Kids do get a hold of guns………….even cops children. I will tell you this…………a cops kid is told to NEVER touch a service revolver or any other gun in the house. I am sure you have told your children or grandchildren not to touch the gun, but kids don’t always listen. If Jim ever left his gun loaded in this house……………there would be trouble between him and me. First I must say that I am petrified of a gun and if one is where I can see it, I want to know for a fact that there is no bullet in the chamber, etc. Many times I have heard people say they thought the gun was not loaded and there would be a bullet in the chamber.

  13. Well, there is a person who was shooting a gun on campus and emptied out his clip. I will be curious to find out how unstable this guy was and also I will be curious to see if he bought his own gun. I guess there is a possibility he was a Texas NRA member. LOL I imagine some of you gun hot heads won’t think that is very funny, but I made my husband laugh when I told him what I was writing.

  14. Janet, yes, I have a beautiful 19 month-old grand daughter. She spends the night at our house one night each weekend with me and my wife and with two loaded handguns. It should go without saying, but in this case, for you, you should know that the weapons are stored so anyone unauthorized has no access to them, but they can be obtained in a reasonable amount of time in case of an emergency. Of course, when she’s not with us, I go back to lounging in my underwear, swilling beer, watching TV with one of my AR-15’s in my lap. 🙂

  15. Dale, you made me burst out laughing. You are hilarious and I expect I am still going to be laughing tomorrow. Finally I was able to quit laughing long enough to tell my husband what you said and now my husband is howling with laughter and he said, “That is good!”

  16. Boy, I thought that I was bad, thanks guys for making me feel practically normal. Anyway have a great evening and may no-one invade your home illegally! I pray everyday that they invade mine while I am here!

    • John, I started to bring you into this convversation before but changed my mind. I was going to say that you are the one person that I would trust with a gun that is not a cop. John, a criminal would be afraid to show his face on your property. If anyone could get the bad guy it would be you. I am still laughing at what Dale said and I think he could make a go of it on the commedy channel. I just might trust him with a gun around me. He is something and I am still laughing. I think he must have a good personality.

  17. I must agree, I don’t understand the gun issue either. Surely prohibiting something will prevent its use. I mean, come on, look how successful the war on drugs has been. More gun free zones should work, right? Certainly no one intent of killing another would dare commit a crime and carry a gun into a gun free zone. How about making your mental health records available to public view, or making your mental health counselor liable for not reporting you? Are you going to be more or less likely to seek mental health counseling? Does the counselor report everyone for fear of exposure? You could always reduce immediate access to high capacity magazines, not that they won’t immediately become available on the street corner, but since nearly all mass murders occur in gun free zones how much difference is that really going to make? When seconds count the police are only minutes away.

    Maybe, just maybe, we should take a step back from all the partisan bs and start looking for the roots of the problem. Cliche or not, guns don’t kill. Someone has to pull the trigger. If we have an issue its on a societal level. There’s a reason anti-depressants are the third most prescribed drug in the country. There’s a reason millions of otherwise law abiding citizens are willing to risk serious prison crime for prescription narcotics. There’s a reason we have a divorce rate over 50%. There’s a reason more than 25% of children in the country grow up in single family homes and 22% of children live in poverty. Making my AR illegal is not going to solve any of them.

    • David, I have to agree that making your “AR” illegal is not going to solve the problem with our sick society. The reason the “assault weapon of any type” upsets me so much is the fact that those children were probably torn to bits. I know people who love guns will say that is not the proper name to call the guns but I don’t know the real name. Just prior to the terrible tragedy in Conn, I had considered buying one as a surprise for my husband that the state police offered for sale with the state police emblem on it………..not that he would ever shoot it, but I thought it would look neat on the wall to put with his other state police gun over our fireplace. I knew I would have to move something in order to hang it there and I knew nails or screws would have to be put in the bricks, and I wanted to know for a fact where I was going to put the gun before I ordered it for him. Also I had thought …………that is a lot of money for something to just look at and not use. Then the shooting occurred. I knew I would think of those children everytime I looked at the gun. I mentioned to my husband that I had considered buying that gun for him and then I also mentioned that it was “real” expensive. He said he was glad I had not ordered it as he did not want one. Now I don’t even like the looks of those type guns but somehow I don’t think that stopping the sale of them will solve the problem. I have no idea how our country can even attempt to solve this problem. I do think mothers and maybe sometimes fathers should hesitate to buy guns for their sons or daughters if they even “think” they have a mental problem.

    • Given your argument that the war on drugs has been unsuccessful, would you then suggest that recreational drugs be legalized?

      If not, I wonder why you feel this way, since you don’t feel that prohibiting particular guns would be successful in limiting their (illegal) use.

      • Not only is the war on drugs a failure…its a spectacular failure. But before I get into statistics, which by the way are available to anyone (google is your friend), I want to answer your questions.

        My basic philosophy is that my rights end at your nose. In other words, if your not harming me its of no concern to me what you are doing with your time, what you ingest in your body, what type of sex your having or what your religious affiliations are. You mind your business and I’ll mind mine. If you want to smoke pot, sniff cocaine or shoot crack, have at it. Just leave me the alone. The moment you harm me, or someone else, you have a problem.

        We are treating a mental illness, manifesting itself as drug use, as a crime. We spend just over $8 billion a year housing non violent drug users in this country, not including the police costs of investigating, arresting and prosecuting these criminals while nearly four of ten murders, six of ten rapes and nine of ten burglaries go unsolved.. Just think of how well we could use that money to revamp our mental health and judicial system.

        As to your insinuation that prohibiting guns would make them less accessible, I recommend you ask any teenager you know how available prohibited illegal drugs are.

        OK, here are some stats (there are a multitude more if you take the time to look). In an effort to save page space I’m excluding references, but I’d be happy to provide them for you on any particular item you question:

        1) The U.S. government estimates that more than 118 million Americans above the age of 12 (47 percent of the population) admit to using illegal drugs.

        2) One out of every 100 American adults is behind bars in jail or prison, (3) and the U.S. houses nearly 25 percent of the world’s prisoners (4) despite having less than five percent of the world’s total population.

        3) The Department of Justice says that the illegal drug market in the U.S. is dominated by 900,000 criminally active gang members affiliated with 20,000 street gangs in more than 2,500 cities, (7) and that Mexican drug cartels now directly control illegal drug markets in at least 230 American cities.

        4) According to the federal government, 23.5 million Americans are in need of substance abuse treatment, but only one in 10 receive it.

        5) 48 percent of U.S. high school students have used illegal drugs by graduation.

        6) Teens say obtaining illegal marijuana is easier than buying legal, controlled and age-regulated beer.

        7) National drug control spending on harsh enforcement strategies grew by 69.7 percent over the past nine years, while spending on treatment and prevention only grew by just 13.9 percent.

        8) In a survey by the National Association of Chiefs of Police, 82 percent of police chiefs and sheriffs said that the “war on drugs” has not been successful in reducing drug use.

        9) African Americans, 13 percent of the U.S. population, (22) proportionately account for 13 percent of the nation’s drug users, (23) but are 34 percent of those arrested for drug offenses (24) and 45 percent of those held in state prisons for drug offenses.

        10) On average, it costs $25,251 to incarcerate a federal prisoner for one year.

        11) There are at least 346,605 people serving sentences in state and federal prisons for drug possession or sales in the U.S. (including more than half the entire federal inmate population).

        12) There were also 767,620 inmates held in local jails in the U.S. in 2009, (28) and in 2002 (the most recent year offense data was collected), possessing or selling drugs was the most serious crime committed by a quarter of jail inmates.

        13) In 2009, there were an additional 582,759 adults on probation and 261,666 adults on parole for drug law violations in the U.S.

        14) Despite being the birthplace of the global “war on drugs” and having some of the harshest drug penalties, the U.S. has the highest marijuana and cocaine use rates in the world.

      • And to top it off, with all the resources currently devoted to drug crimes and all the other crimes which remain statistically unsolved, they want to throw gun prohibition on the police as well. Even the President admitted they can’t enforce the existing laws. Who do you think is going to do all this and better yet, who is going to pay for it?

  18. So oboma who twice voted to kill any child that survived an abortion, and all his left wing buddies that cheered planned parenthood for butchering a child every 9.4 seconds last year to a total of 330000 plus; now need to ban guns to protect children?? Don’t see guns as the major threat here. just saying

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