I’m concerned with the legislators in Dover eliminating the gambling machines located within several non-profits in the state especially the Legion, VFW, Moose Homes, etc.

These machines provide not only entertainment, but a large source of income for these organizations, money used not only for operating expenses, but money they put back in their communities with scholarships, sponsorship of youth activities and other good things they do.

The state’s constitution says these machines are illegal although they have been in use for years, but from my source I understand a man lost his pay check using one of these machines, and his wife went to authorities, and then the investigations began; poor book-keeping, etc. and then came the clamp that these machines were illegal in the first place according to the state constitution.

A shame; I have heard reports of these groups grossing from $80,000 per year to as high as $400,000; half goes to the owner of the machines.

A constitutional change would take two sessions to pass in the legislature; as of now it seems unlikely, however attempts are being made at a compromise to allow the non-profits to keep their machines. If not, I imagine some difficult financial times are in order for these organizations and less money flowing to the communities.


4 thoughts on “NOT RIGHT BUT IT’S THE LAW

  1. Frank, I share your concerns with this issue. This money was almost entirely donated back to the communities from which it came. The ONLY reason that this gaming was eliminated is because the Government did not have control and did not get their grimy, dirty hands on a share of this money!!!

  2. I am hoping they will change the law so the service clubs can keep the money they manage to make from any of these machines. They put the money back into the community and they need money to pay their bills.

      • Forty-three percent? That must mean they will have to stop helping forty-three percent of the people they were helping. The state might end up paying it out in welfare benefits.

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