It only took two losses for the White House, a retreat, and a group of pollsters to convince the Republicans in Congress the majority of the voters didn’t like the  way they were doing business. Really?

During a week-end retreat last week meeting with Republican pollsters Republican members of Congress were told polling indicated trying to block raising the debt limit and threatening to shut down the government and risk sending the economy in the toilet was not favorable to the public and was hurting their image among voters. Really?

So today the die-hard Republican members of Congress will pass legislation to extend the debt limit for 3 months and have pledged to pass a permanent bill or not be paid their salaries; money would be put in an escrow account until a permanent debt limit bill is passed.

Republicans state there other fights they can engage in including the Democrat Senate’s failure to pass a budget bill the past 4 years.

Gosh, I could have saved the Republicans plenty of money telling them the same things the pollsters did. Americans are willing to see cut backs if we can get the arguing over with and concentrate on rebuilding the economy. Simply economics.




  1. I’ll bite. We are currently running a $1T to $1.4T annual deficit. Forgetting for a moment political favoritism, donor kickbacks, pork, and other forms of government waste which both parties participate in, what cuts would you say American’s are willing to accept to obtain some semblance of a balanced budget? Any why, in five years, can’t the Senate provide a budget bill?

    • David, Americans are in favor of any budget cuts which don’t affect their interests; let the fun begin. As far as the Senate Democrats go, they are as much as fault as the Republican House; neither has the courage to cut.

      • Your reasoning is quite circular. “Any budget cut which doesn’t affect their interests” What exactly does that mean? As most politicians will vote in the interest of their own self preservation, what exactly gets cut? And what difference does it make if the cuts are forced by sequestration or voted on through a budget bill? Either way, the free ride for someone is over.

  2. David that was my point; no one wants their pet projects touched, that’s why I saids let the fun begin; I am not looking for a quick solution. When all is said and done, you are correct, the politicians will salvage their interests, and we’ll get screwed.

    • I’m glad we agree. Your original post seemed to indicate that the Republican idea of forced responsibility was wrong. My point is, if its not forced, it will never happen until the market makes it happen, and believe me, with history as a guide, it will happen and it will be ugly. That this position is hugely unpopular with politicians and voters alike is no surprise. Few want the gravy train to end and fewer still understand why it must. Any politician promising a continuation of the status quo, with a brighter future tomorrow, is disingenuous at best.

  3. Lower the debt ceiling, let all of the tax increases take affect, pull the plug on entitlements, default on our loans and, fall off of the fiscal cliff. We are at a complete do-over anyway! We will NEVER get out of the hole that Dictator Obamma has dug for us may as well take our medicine now and get it over with!!! “Prepare to sustain yourself and defend what is yours.”

    • Look, I’m no Obama fan, but trying to pin our debt problems on him is ignoring history. Ron Reagan’s mantra was deficits don’t matter. His Reaganomics policies were the beginning of the end. The debt ceiling was raised 18 times during his Presidency. Every President since has simply expanded on his fiscal policies. Granted Obama has pushed deficit spending to insane levels, but all spending bills start in the House which has remained in Republican control. When it comes to self preservation, one hand washes the other.

      • Finally, someone who was willing to tell the truth about the almighty conservative Reagan; been saying that for years but it always falls on deaf ears of my fellow conservatives. He tripled the debt, he put California in the hole when he was governor. I’ll sleep well tonight.

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