In journalism there is an expression if news is scarce and you can’t find a story you scrap the bottom  of the barrel for any story; we call it “A slow news day”.

So, the day after the inauguration news must have been scarce because the top story was whether Beyonce sang live the national anthem at Monday’s inauguration or lip synced. Really, who cares, it was her voice whether it was live or not, not someone’s else’s voice.

According to the story she was to be accompanied by the U.S. Marine Band, but both did not have time to practice, so she opted to pre-record her voice track.

Heck singers did it for years on the Dick Clark show, we knew it and said nothing. Houston Whitney pre-recorded her famous national anthem at a Super Bowl game, and it went on to be one of her top 10 selling records.

Beyonce’s song was beautiful; besides there is much more to look at Beyonce than her lips!!!!



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