Having raised 3 daughters, blessed with a granddaughter and three great granddaughters I have always been an advocate of women’s rights and understand the frustrations of this gender when it comes to still being regarded as less capable as men in the working environment.

However, I am struggling with the recent lifting of the 1994 ban on women in combat and opening the door to about 238,000 positions in the infantry, armor and other fields from which women had been excluded.

Granted the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken the lives of 152 women and wounded far more, but allowing women into combat; I don’t know.

A combat soldier today carries a lot more equipment than I did many moons ago; I don’t know how a 100 lb woman is going to cut the muster in the field under the conditions out there today. Or if I want that same female soldier beside me in hand to hand combat.

I’ll admire any woman who wants to go into combat, but I just can’t buy into this one.


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