I am not a Ravens fan, go Packers, nor a UDEL football booster, go Notre Dame, but I am a Joe  Flacco fan and I will be rooting for him and the Ravens Sunday.

After being asked in April what he thought he ranked among NFL quarterbacks, he boldly and confidently announced he was the best only to be mocked by the media ranking him in the top 25 and saying he was a long way from being a good quarterback.

After a slow start this season Joe and the Ravens caught fire; he knocked off Peyton Manning, Tom Brady twice with his clutch passing; he is Cool Joe.

I not only love his athletic abilities, but his on and off field performance; he is a good guy, one I would want as a role model for my kids.

Flacco is 8-4 in the playoffs; during 3 playoff games this season he has thrown for 853 yards, 8 TD’s and no interceptions. His QB rating in the playoffs is 114.7.

In his last 7 playoff games going back to the 2010 season, he has thrown 15 TD passes with just two interceptions.

Writers keep saying he can’t win the big games; he continually proves them wrong. If the Ravens lose Sunday I guess they’ll say the same, but he is Baltimore’s franchise player even if he doesn’t win the Super Bowl; he’ll get there eventually.


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