I have no love for sex offenders, and I truly feel for the suffering of the victims. I am also in awe of the memories of their victims to the point sometimes I become suspicious of their accounting of such offences of the victims.

During the trials of the Catholic Priests in  Delaware  the victims where these sexual offenses occurred decades ago, could remember the exact number of attacks; not just one of two, but dozens, in some cases hundreds of attacks.

A more recent incident which popped up locally when a person announced for political office, his victim of 30 years back, now living in another state, filled a sexual complaint against him with 113 charges. Wow! How do you defend yourself against those charges, when it is one word against the other person?

In the sex victims case when you are charged you are not innocent until proven guilty, you are guilty. Some have been accused by their children in retaliation, sent to prison, only to be released later when the accuser relented and said they lied.

In no way am I defending the sexual predicators, I just don’t understand the numbers.

Maybe some of my readers with more knowledge in this field can tell me; 1. how does a victim recall the number of events. 2. how does the accused defend themselves against such charges?


3 thoughts on “HOW DO THEY KEEP COUNT?

  1. Frank, I, like you am in no way defending a truely guilty sexual predator but you do raise two very valid questions. And although there are murder cases with more credible evidence than most sexual assault cases the murderer is found innocent while the sexual deviant is guilty just on someone’s word. The recent case that you mention is a prime example! As an outsider looking in at this case I would just have to feel that someone had an axe to grind. Just my thoughts……..

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