I knew it wouldn’t last; J.C. Penny dropping sales and having a one-price everything is reduced policy. I’ve never seen a woman who could resist a sale no matter if they were paying more.

Apparently it took J.C. Penny a lot longer to realize that; so they have reversed their decision and will now be having sales again. Women love to see how much they have saved on an item no matter how much it was marked up before the sale.

I recall a wife of a friend of mine who came home with a ton of clothes telling her husband how much she saved him that day with the clothes she purchased on sale. His reply was, “You could have saved a hell of a lot more had you stayed home”!

I had a lady who worked for me, had previously worked at a furniture store; their sale method she said, was to move the furniture around the store, mark the furniture up, have a sale and price the furniture what it was before. Worked like a charm she said.  Unless you had shopped there previously and knew the price of the furniture, you gained nothing from the sale.

But hey, a sale is a sale.



  1. One of the biggest scams in retail is what the retailers send out called tabs. They call it a tab, you and I call it a sale flyer. It is a tab that contains the everyday retail price not a sale price, that is why the retailers do not call it a sale flyer. Lowe’s, HD, Wally world all do it. When people get the paper they think there is a sale and they come in with the paper looking for bargains only to find everything priced at regular prices. Many, many is the time that I had to try to explain to some little old person why the sale flyer did NOT contain sale prices.

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