In a rare unprecedented move the Sussex County Council returned some of their surplus from their $43 million dollar budget to communities in the county.

The council voted unanimously to allocate $350,000 of $854,000 left over from the county’s $46 million budget for the fiscal year to the 11 independent libraries, which are partially funded with county tax dollars.

The money awarded was based on need: Laurel and Seaford received $60,000, Delmar and Frankford each $38,500 and the other seven independent libraries receiving grants between $12,000 and $25,000.

Laurel will use their money toward repairing a leaking roof in the older part of the library which has been leaking for years.

Councilman Mike Vincent suggested $150,000 of the surplus be designated to a fund to repair poor people’s houses. There is a backlog of 1,250 homes on the waiting list needing repairs.

The remainder of funds, $354,000 goes toward paying a portion of the salaries of four additional state troopers covering Sussex likely to start work in March.

The only objection toward spending the surplus came from Councilman Sam Wilson (R) who said he distrusted many of the economic signs of a recovery from the recession saying, “We’re not out of the woods as far as I’m concerned.”

Maybe a twig will fall on Wilson’s head and bring him back to the reality that this economy is moving forward.

I don’t usually favor giving back money; I think it should be kept in reserve for up keep of buildings, rainy day funds, but in this instance I think it was money well spent.



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