To our emergency management and other key partners:

A winter storm has the potential to bring widespread snow amounts of 1 to 4 inches to the area on Friday night & Saturday, followed by windy & cold weather on Sunday. The attached briefing package summarizes the impacts from the storm for the region.
For the latest forecasts & warnings, please monitor our website at:

This briefing package is also available for download at:


3 thoughts on “HERE WE GO AGAIN

  1. Here we go again: Liberals lying, cheating and stealing, but the main stream media does not make much off it.

    Since you have turned your blog into a weather forecast because you have nothing good to report on your liberal friends.

    • Dy don’t know if you can read or not, but I count 5 different posts aside from the weather forcast on several subjects within a 6 day period; balanced reporting. Some people depend upon weather forcasting for their livelyhood. This blog is not just for your entertainment; I try to balance the material for others to read.
      While I’m writing, you pull some right wing BS from the internet; something I could just sit back and easily do each day with a different point of view than yours. I work my blog, proud of it; World Press, my search engine, gives this Blog great ratings each year for my number of posts and the following I receive from several states in this country, and a few from around the world.
      I have my right to my views and I provide you a forum for your views and for others. It is very easy for me to push a button and hold all comments, censor them and decide what comments I post; I choose not to unless they are personal attacks. Not all Blogs allow that.
      The majority of comments from readers come from the right; you’ll see them posted along side of my comments. Free country, free democracy, from the left, something the right hasn’t understood and the reason the White House is still powered from the LEFT!

  2. I didn’t click on your link, but I figure you must be talking about Jesse Jackson. I guess Frank did not see the necessity of writing about old Jesse and his wife as even the Democrats feel he and his wife are both crooks so why write about something where Republicans and Democrats have the same opinion. We agree with you!

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