If you don’t believe the NRA doesn’t fib, I have a bridge to sell you.

Taking excerpts from a Justice Department memo, the NRA has put out ads saying the Obama Administration wants to seize weapons, even though the Justice Department called the memo an unfinished review of gun violence research and said it does not represent administration policy.

The president wants to ban assault weapons and ammunition magazines exceeding 10 rounds that are produced in the FUTURE, grandfathering in those who own those weapons now.

He wants universal background checks for nearly all gun purchases. Today, checks ae only mandatory on sales by federally licensed gun dealers not transactions at gun shows or other private sales.

Nothing in Obama’s proposals say anything about a person legally owning weapons. NRA has some strange people running their organization. They never seek to amaze me. Little brains in large heads.




  1. The Government, led by the two clowns at the top have listed many, many ways that they want to take Guns, ammo, magazines, clips and accessories away from LAW ABIDING CITIZENS but, can anyone list one thing that they are doing to try to take these things away from criminals. NRA life member FOREVER here because NO ONE else tries to defend the rights of law abiding gun owners!!!!!!

  2. My spouse has always owned guns…shot guns for hunting and protecting the homestead…oops…he did have assault weapons when he was in the Army and fought for this country in Vietnam. He gave them back (gladly) when he was honorably discharged. And I definitely trust him when he states he doesn’t need (or want) them in the household.

    • It’s amusing when people attempt to compare actual military weapons with my AR. What Obama, Biden, the media, etc. are attempting to label as assault rifles are nothing more than a standard semi-automatic (one shot with one trigger pull) rifle which happens to be black and may have a few nifty decorations on it. These are NOT military weapons. Never have been…never will be. Assault rifle is simply a term coined to sound mean and scary.

  3. I don’t know who said what anymore, I just read on different sites about PAC spending on both sides of the debate. Between Bloombergs super PAC and the NRA back PAC, leaks from the DOJ, Capitol, Congress and Senator offices, can any of us actual know what is being discussed in honest. This transparency government seems to be more BS than truth- BOTH PARTIES.

  4. According to Wikipedia, in 1996, then Illinois State Senator Obama said in a Chicago speech that he, ” favored a ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns”. Also, after the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court case where they voted against the city of Washington, DC, he stated he supports the 2nd Amendment as a individual right to bear arms. But, he’s also said he believes that government can regulate that right.

    Also, you said that,” checks are only mandatory on sales by federally licensed gun dealers not transactions at gun shows or private sales”. You took a little liberty with your words on that one. Also from Wikipedia,” with the enactment of the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986, which allows FFLs to transfer firearms at gun shows provided they follow the provisions of the GCA and other pertinent federal regulations. The ATF reports that between 50% and 75% of the vendors at gun shows possess a Federal Firearms License”. Therefore there is a background check for most sales a gun shows.

    • Howaard when my lovely wife died, I said I’d neve marry again; have changed my mind. Haven’t you ever reversed a position in your lifetime; if not you and John Trivits are the only ones.

  5. First of all…there are lobbyists and PAC’s on both sides of nearly every major issue. There job is to persuade, through whatever tactics available, enough people to their side. Bloomberg has passed on just as many, just as big, just as ridiculous sounding BS lies about guns as the NRA ever has. The truth is, lobbyists, and the money they have available to them, cloud all political decisions. Politicians dependent on outside funding for elections must cow to one side or the other.

    Second, I don’t worry much about DC gun laws. Thankfully we seem to have enough members of the house who understand the Second Amendment to keep any further erosion of my rights at bay. Too bad we can’t say the same for their understanding of the Fourth. Anyway, what concerns me more is the politics in Dover. With Markell out to prove himself worthy of an Obama administration position and shotgun Joe’s son doing his best to make a national name for himself, we are going to have our hands full right here at home. Thankfully, although probably of little value in the end, those of us in Laurel are represented by level headed politicians who understand the right to bear arms and disagree with Markell’s position on gun control.

  6. Frank, this is not the first time that you have called me Howard. The only other Howard I know, is my cousin in Delmar. One more thing. Obama can do a lot of bloviating, but this tiger cannot change his strips. Look at his past relationships, which the news media will not, it is part of his DNA.

  7. Frank, been on vacation awhile and catching up at work. I hadn’t checked in in awhile.
    While the White House denies plans to seize guns they are creating an atmosphere where the following can happen.
    This was just across the Del Mem Bridge in NJ this past Saturday night..Obama will never get his gun control measures through both houses but Biden and Markell are leading Delaware down the same path that this man found himself traveling.


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