While many citizens have struggled for years fighting minimum wages, no pay raises, government workers have seen wage increases, cost of living increases, and really have had no idea how the majority of Americans have struggled.

Just look at the crowds at the beaches in the summer and owners of the majority of summer homes and you’ll find a great many of them to be government employees.

And I say good for them, their career choices were better than some.

Now with Sequestration these protected civic servants are getting a tough dose of medicine from the government they work for with the $85 billion in mandatory spending cuts that went into effect on Friday.

The cuts come to about 9 percent for a wide range of non-defense programs and 13 percent for the pentagon over the rest of the current fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30.

I have heard from people saying their paychecks could be cut from $600 a month to some in the higher bracket of $600 per pay period, bi-weekly. That means a house or car payment; ouch.

The Republicans say such a reduction in spending won’t hurt the economy. Apparently they have never owned a small business or lived from paycheck to paycheck.

Tell that to the businesses around the Dover Air Base who depend upon government employees dinning and spending at their place of business who are already bracing for the loss in business, especially tough with this slow but rebounding economy.

Because people in Congress put themselves ahead of the people they serve, millions of Americans will continue their long-suffering just when they thought they saw a light at the end of the tunnel; little did they know it was the light of a freight train.

I do feel sorry they will have to live like the rest of us; thriftly.



  1. Well Frank, I agree with what you have to say, except for one statement. Most small business owners I know are in fact Republicans, or in growing numbers, independents or Teapartiers. And conversely, most government workers of my acquaintance are Democrats. People of all parties now know what it is like to work from paycheck to paycheck. However, because we can’t seem to get term limits in place, none of the folks on Capitol Hill probably has clear memories of what that’slike, regardless of political affiliation.

  2. Here you go again Frank, check your facts before you write. Government employees have not received a pay raise for now two years and the pay raise that was recommend for the end of March has been frozen. The cost of living adjustment (COLA) has been lower then recommended by GAO since the Clinton years. And the COLA is once again frozen, which means the COLA is based on three years ago.

    I am not sure how you figure Government employees can afford the homes at the beach, because I live on the west side of the county and can not afford a house at the beach.

    • Perhaps I wasn’t clear in my statement; my referral to homes at the beach referenced those on the other side of the Bay Bridge; and maybe COLA was less than before, but getting something was better than nothing.

      • As I said Frank, you need to check your facts before you make the statement about Gov workers. The difference in actual salary less than $5000 a year different from DC workers and workers in DE for the GOV. That is not enough to buy the house at the beach. Between the taxes in Northern Va, DC and Maryland, parking or commuter charges and the average cost of everything else you actually have less disposable income in that area than here. I did the Northern VA commute and gave it up to move here, on paper you make a little less but you actually make more. San Francisco has the highest and then Houston, DC area and PA which DE falls under are almost the same.

    • Frank, you are mostly dead on in this instance. 4 members of my family are former Government employees and I know of at least 2 other current Government workers whose slaries and benefits would make your blood boil!

  3. In a recent article in “USA Today”, it showed the differences between federal employees and private sector employees concerning salaries and benefits for doing the same work. Federal employees receive on average 12% more in salaries and 24% more for benefit cost for doing the same work. That may be bad enough, but when you look at the added number of federal employees in recent years, the tax payer is taken a hit in higher taxes.

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