I have to give the Sussex County Sheriff credit for standing up for what he believes, but how many times does he have to go to court only to be told his views of what the duties of his office are is unconstitutional, including an opinion  from the State’s District Attorney?

Does he realize the taxpayers are footing the bill each time he makes an appeal. His followers are mostly made up of Tea Party Supports who oppose government waste, government growth and spending?

Do his supporters know what it would cost to fund a full-time country police force? Let me put it into prospective; The town of Laurel with a police force of about 10 has a budget of $1 million dollars a year. Ten people will not cover one 8 hour shift.

Now, does anyone have an idea how that money is going to be funded; certainly not from County Council reserves, but from a tax increase to pay for the new police department.

When I worked for the county some 10 years back, I was asked by the County Administrator to check into the cost of a county-wide police force. That lasted about a week; I presented some preliminary numbers which shocked them enough to call off the idea.

I would think the Tea Party in the county would not want to burden the taxpayers with a hefty tax increase, after the country has not had an increase in 3 decades. Wouldn’t want to tarnish their anti-government image.



  1. Correct me if I am wrong. Doesn’t Sussex County pay for some of the State Police protrolling the county? Use that money. It may be even cheaper. Also, where does the Tea Party come into this? I believe the previous Sheriff, who was a Democratic, push for for some arresting abilities.

    • Herman gotcha; Robert Reed was the sheriff before Christopher; Christopher was his assistant.All Dmocrats prior were status quo. My office adjoined their office. Have to disagree with you on the Tea Party issue. Tea Party members approached Sussex County legislators who signed onto the bill last session in support of a law not allowing the Sheriff police powers and told them if the bill passed they would have a primary. The bill was suddenly dropped, however those Republican incumbents who had primary opponents were Tea Party members; Short, Booth are two I know who had Tea Party challengers.

  2. Sussex County does pay the Delaware State Police for some positions, but this is way cheaper than paying for a county police force. There is no administration cost with this, as with a county police force. Frank the Tea Party is not sponsoring this, the Legacy Foundation, an out of state organization, County Sheriff Project and some local people. Google on Bing searches did not find any connection for the Sheriff to the Tea Party, and yes the last Sheriff that started this crap was a democrat.

    • Dy you are wrong on this one. The sheriff before Christopher was Bob Reed a Republican; Christopher was his assistant. And, Tea Party members are supporting him locally and during his trips to Dover.

      • Yeah, your right Frank, I forgot Reed was a Republican, now the police Chief over in Preston Md. I read where the Tea Party supported him before the election and put candidates up against Short and some others who did not support the Sheriff, but now I can’t find any reference to him on their websites.

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