Residents of Laurel may not have many businesses or industry, but they’ll not have any problem finding a place to gas up their vehicles or find a place to have a bite to eat.

After rebuilding their Royal Farm store at the intersection of RTs 13 and 9, Royal Farms will be building a new and larger one at the intersection of Rts 13 and 24, opposite Carey’s, Inc. Supposedly this one will have a car wash similar to the Royal Farm in Greenwood.

Why two in little ole Laurel? My sources tell me RF doesn’t have anything on the north bound lane from below Salisbury to Bridgeville, and that they want to keep WAWA out of the area.

WAWA is planning to build a new facility behind Walgreens in Bridgeville in 2014. RF has permits to build, but no date has been announced.

The new facility would give Laurel 6 facilities to gas up within a 1 mile stretch. The facility is not in the town limits, thus the town will not benefit from the construction permits or property taxes.




  1. After patronizing the first one it is easy to see why they are building a second one: They sure missed by a mile of getting it right the first time !!!!

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