Police Arrest Two People in Connection to Accomack Arson Spree
ACCOMAC, Va. (WBOC/AP) – Virginia State Police make two arrests in connection with more than 70 arsons on Virginia’s rural Eastern Shore.

State police spokeswoman Corinne Geller says 40-year-old Tonya S. Bundick and 38-year-old Charles R. Smith, also known as Charlie Applegate, were arrested early Tuesday following a traffic stop near a vacant residence that had been set on fire in the town of Melfa.

Bundick and Smith are being held Tuesday at the Accomack County Jail without bond on arson and conspiracy charges. An initial court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday.  Virginia State Police say additional charges will be coming soon.

Court records obtained by the Associated Press show that police observed someone torch a residence before they arrested a suspect in the case.

This fire was discovered at 11:40 p.m. Monday night.  The Melfa Volunteer Fire Department quickly extinguished the fire, so there was minimal damage to the building.

Virginia State Police say they are now shifting to analysis stage of their investigation.




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