The Boy Scouts of America is an organization that is supposed to make men out of boys. Their actions or lack of on gay-rights leaves much to be desired.

Getting heat and losing corporate sponsors on their stance earlier to ban gays from their ranks, the 1,400 voting member of the BSA’s National Council will consider an alternative to the ban.

The latest twist unveiled would allow gay members but continue to bar them as adult leaders. What the hell, they are gay men, not pedophiles.

While the proposed compromise may pacify some, but as one non-gay scout leader said, “This isn’t a case where half a loaf is better than none.” In an era where it is becoming more difficult to find good people to lead, the scouts have lot many good leaders who have left in disagreement with the scouts decisions.

Scouts are supposed to be leaders; leaders take positions not always popular but the right thing to do. In this case being a scout should not exclude those of a different physical make-up. These kids will face enough rejection throughout their adult years.



  1. I think that The Boy Scouts are showing a lot of courage by not joining the COWARDS and quickly giving in to immorality !!!!! To make men out of Boys you must stand for something or you will fall for anything !!!!!

  2. Frank, if you are ok with a gay man being a leader of a scout troop, and remember they go camping, go on field trips, etc., then are you ok with a man being the leader of a brownie troop too?

    • Don’t quite understand the question. I would see nothing wrong with a Lesbian being the troop leader of a boys troop nor a man a leader of a girls troop; separate arrangements can be made, the same when a man is a girls gym teacher.
      Being straight doesn’t guarantee a hands off approach.

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