We didn’t have Little League growing up as a kid, only sandlot and pick-up games when we could. Their was high school baseball, and the American Legion Post had a club in the summer for those of us in high school, a traveling team, no local league.

Most of my pick-up games were played where LaurelTown is now located; a large sandy area. Great times, great friends.

But playing then was really fun; play whenever you wanted and no pressure to win, and no parents to yell at you if you missed a strike, or a ground ball.

Sometime in the early 60’s a group of us organized one of the first official Little Leagues in the county, helped by Pat Knight who was the District representative. Only 4 teams, then the league grew until they outgrew the land on 10th street and moved just outside of town with a beautiful complex.

The games are more competitive now, but one group that has a “What me worry” attitude is T-Ball. I love watching them play, their spirit, attitude and innocence.

Hit the ball, should I run, which direction should I run. Tired being on the field, just walk off and rest till you’re ready to play again. Ground ball coming my way; well I don’t care to bend down to stop it so let it roll. Away from mom too long, just run over to the fence and give her a big hug then go back to the game.

Everyone on the team gets a bat, everyone bats that inning; other teams does the same; game last 1 hour and no score is kept.

Kinda wants to make an old man cry for the good ole days.


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