Some 15 years ago Perdue wanted to build a pelletizing plant between Laurel and Seaford. The plan was to bring in chicken manure (Sussex County Gold) and turn it in to pellets to be used as fertilizer.

All Hell broke loose. I was Director of Economic Development pushing for the plant. We had seen a similar plant out west, no odor was present, all trucks covered  so tight you couldn’t see what was on the trucks.

People squealed there would be convoys traveling through town, manure would be all over the roads, too much traffic on a 2-lane road, and of course the devaluation of properties surrounding the proposed mill.  None of what was true of course.

People tend to distrust government, understandably so; the Town of Laurel held a public hearing. I never knew why because the factory was being built in the Seaford District and Seaford was satisfied with the proposal.

Laurel has never supported business, that’s why they are what they are today, so I wasn’t surprised. I took the hit for Perdue answering, or trying to answer the comments from the crowd. One thing I learned about public hearings is the anti-forces come out and those for the projects sit back and listen.

Plant was built, neighbors pleased and unless you know where the plant is you wouldn’t know it was there. Trucks, very few of them, the plant can only process a small amount per day and the trucks unload inside. Everyone happy.

Now Perdue has come up with another idea to process manure and turn that process into pellets at the Seaford plant. Guess what? Without knowing the facts people in that area are in an uproar again.

Believe me readers, I was involved in several building projects with Perdue when I was with the county and they never failed me. They are business people and they do it right!


5 thoughts on “HERE WE GO AGAIN

  1. Or maybe we can focus on the fact that Laurel is getting a SECOND Royal Farms Store, is that anti business. Did the citizens against business have a say in either one coming to Laurel and bringing extra traffic and higher gas prices???

  2. First no disrespect, but I don’t consider minimum wage jobs, like the McDonald’s coming to be block busters; to those who need a job great, but it doesn’t build homes or schools; second no one had any input to either in Laurel. The store on 9 and 13 was grandfathered in, and the proposed one is in the county, zoned commercial, and received permits from the county. Both will add some to the school tax base, one to the Town of Laurel. To attract talent to the area and to keep our kids from leaving we need higher paying positions from high tech or manufacturing companies.

  3. Something that a former long time Laurel business owner said to me and, is spot on really describes this situation perfectly; ” there are too many people in Laurel that are afraid somebody else in Laurel is going to have .10 cents more than they do, that’s why we will never have anything.”

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