The first professional athlete publicly announced he was gay yesterday, NBA veteran Jason Collins to positive reaction from the NBA, fellow ball players and fans.

Which sport will be next; macho football, or sissy baseball? Could Collins be the Jackie Robinson of this century?

Collins a twin, told his brother for the first time yesterday about his sexual orientation. Collins is also a free agent this year; it will be interesting to see where his future goes from this day forth, Collins is 34, but among the tallest in the league with his 7 ft frame.

Tennis star Martina Navratilova and Olympic diver Greg Louganis announced they were gay decades ago, former Major League Soccer and U.S. men’s national team players Robbie Rogers dis the same in February and barely 10 days ago, former Baylor and future WNBA super-star Brittney Griner was so low-key about it almost no one noticed.

However all of them except Grinner retired.

I believe with the polls showing a positive reaction toward gays more are getting the courage to ‘come out’ publicly. Although the favorable margin is slim, it shows a drastic turn around in the last decade.



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