For a more detailed story see Saturday’s (May 11th)_ Delaware State News. The story above appeared online Thursday evening on the News Journal page, but did not appear in their edition Saturday. This story, a denial by Phillips was in today’s paper.



  1. I have no idea what went on in this situation, but the only way someone would “force” me to have sex is if they held a gun to my head or a knife to my throat. The question in my mind is…………if she felt “forced” into sex with him one time, why would she have even been around him a second time to give him the opportunity to “force” her to have sex again? Why wouldn’t she have gone to someone in authority or else to the state police right then? If you are working in an office and someone comes on to you, you ignore them, embarrass them or put them in their place………….nicely if possible, but NASTY when necessary. If she felt that threatened she should have dropped out of the political scene. After “one time” of being “forced” and you don’t put a stop to it…………… my opinion you are a willing participant.

  2. I would guess the same as a woman who wants to leave her husband and is threatened for her life if she would; a young girl only 18 may have been threatened as was stated in the court papers and was scared for her life. We don’t know because we weren’t in her shoes. I don’t know how I would have reacted. What you wrote is common sense, but I’m not sure if common sense overtakes fear.

  3. So, rape and/or adultery are more acceptable than homosexuality, John Trivits? I can’t understand the purpose of your comment, other than to continue your obnoxious display of bigotry.

    • Neither are acceptable and my comment in this case was meant to be funny. Sad part is that there is more than one victim here because the finger pointing will never stop and the truth will never be known. And no I am not taking sides just stating my opinion.

  4. While I see your point Janet, you have the advantage of maturity and life experience. Isn’t it fair to think that at 18, this young woman’s ability to deal with the situation at hand and react appropriately might be a little different than that of someone who has been considered an adult for more than a hot minute? Consensual or not, he’s a married man in a position of authority. Disgusting.

  5. Sandy and Frank………….maybe it is because I grew up in an abusive home when I was young, but if I had “fear” of him I would have” driven my car in the opposite direction.” I would not have followed him anywhere!!! To me…………FEAR ……… going in the “opposite” direction and FEAR would not make me follow him ANYWHERE………not even at 18 years old. Fear is “flight” not “follow.”

    In comparison, when I was about 21, a guy that I thought was a real gentleman asked me to go to a dance to a VFW and I agreed to go to the dance. I had been out to dinner with him one time before and he was great. I did not realize that he had been drinking when he picked me up or…………I assume he must have been half loaded because while we were sitting to the table he looked at me with a “”pleasant “look on his face and said, “I am going to the bathroom…….if I come out of the bathroom and you are dancing with someone, I am going to beat the hell out of you.” I never responded to him, but you can count on one thing…….the very second that jerk shut that bathroom door I got up and ran like a bat out of hell. I knew I would never be around him not even to say hello or goodbye. He came to my house the next day and I would not open the door. I went to the beauty shop later that day and the idiot came in the beauty shop to apologize. I refused to even give him eye contact and would not open my mouth to even tell him “where he could go.” He told my brother-in-law later that he thought he had “scared me.” Duh??? WHY would you follow someone if you are scared of him?? Yes, he is married. If he is guilty, do you think that I approve? Answer: “NO.” But the main thing is he does not have to answer to me. He has to answer to his wife and mainly to God if this is true. If my husband ever did anything like this, or even managed to get himself in the position of being under suspicion of doing something like this, whether it was true or not, I would make it my life’s mission to make him miserable every day of his life that he woke up. He would be sorry that he had not lived his life above reproach. I am not married to Vance and I don’t know for a fact that he is guilty. If he is guilty of something, I guess it will all come out in the wash sooner or later. In either case, his reputation will always be sullied.

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