I can’t count the number of times people have told me they no longer vote because it doesn’t matter who gets in office, they all do what they want to do. For years that upset me  because I felt it was my civic duty to vote and express my opinion.

Over the past few years I have felt the same as those who don’t vote, a feeling I never thought I would have.

I have been a political junkie since I was 18 years of age; I am now 75, not as active, but I follow the political circle still. And I have seen more and more of our elected officials after elected, given a few years, fall right into the same self-interest pattern as those serving for years.

Once they see the perks from the lobbyists they become selfish. This not only on the federal or state level, but right down to the local level.

Tomorrow, Delaware has school board elections. I have seen too many candidates in the past campaign for change, from candidates who are members of school booster groups to just parents wanting a change, all fired up, to see them elected and fizzle into oblivion. What happens to them after they are elected?

If you ever wondered why CEO’s of large companies command such large salaries, bonuses and other perks, one only has to look at their board of directors, all usually on the board because they were appointed or helped to be elected with the support of the CEO. Board members receive large salaries, so to stay in good standing with the CEO and to secure their position on the board, they play ball with the CEO.

A sharp school board superintendent will do what ever he can to keep his board members happy, are at least a majority, since they have the power to renew the superintendents contract. I have seen band booster members upset by lack of money for the band, elected to the board, and suddenly the band gets new uniforms, band equipment, and the new board member is a hero with the boosters, and is an ally of the superintendent.

When I was on the Sussex Tech Board, for a long time I was the only person to vote no on issues, or argue a point; everyone else went along with the Superintendent. After a few years I picked up a supporter or two, and sometimes garnered enough votes to make a difference. The debate gave us a very strong board; a strong minority makes for a stronger majority.

I fought the administration to get a pregnant girl to the school; With the help of former Rep. Biff Lee, we got the job done. The girl graduated  with honors, went on to get a nursing degree and is a productive tax paying member of our society. It doesn’t hurt to be vocal; sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t but you make others think before they vote.

I have seen other citizens very vocal, elected then suddenly vocal. Upon checking you can sometimes find the reason; a family member or friend was hired to work in the district.

Nothing seems to change and no attempt seems to change no matter who is elected. All I hear when I ask what happened to your position you campaigned on is, “Well, you don’t understand………..yadda, yadda, yadda.

I’m going to vote tomorrow because I still feel I can’t complain if I don’t vote. I have no idea which candidate I’m going to vote for because for the first time in my life, I don’t think my vote is going make a difference, because whoever is elected is going to fall in line with the rest of them.



16 thoughts on “DOES YOUR VOTE COUNT?

  1. Frank, you’re making a great case for term limits on any elected board. i believe people are honest when they start; however, too long exposure to greed and corruption corrupts. George Washington is a perfect example of a political leader was very smart and could see the future easily. He refused to crown and only wanted serve one term. The founding fathers, couldn’t afford public-service active businesses and farms and families take care of a certain time and then went out into the community and prospered. Not all prospered. I spent many hours and days and years designing a constitution that took into account greed and personal gain.

    If we would have stayed closer to the original model, we would have a government that we can be proud of and one That was effectively doing something. I know the opponents of term limits say that the system works and people are very unhappy and they can Use the election ballot to correct problems. However, the reality is once you lose faith in the system the system stops working. It’s very disheartening and tiring to keep up the fight when the rules change and corruption prevails. It is hard to have faith in a a system that is broken.

    However, there are those bright lights that Often shine through When we are at our lowest. At that time it’s time to grab on to hope for change your future.

    2016 is our future and we are ready For a big change. We need a change of monumental proportion and it’s coming. Or more to the point, she’s coming and will turn Congress and our government on its head!

    • LOL Rhonda, Republicans are doing their darnest not to let the lady in the White House. Trouble with term limits, when the next batch gets in and if they know they only have 8 years, they’ll take as much in that time as one who had served 20 years.

      • Frank, it’s not the Republicans that I worry about. It’s the Democrats That destroy its leaders and rising stars. In the last election the party screwed her and themselves at same time. When you get down to it, Democrats Republicans are the opposite sides of the same coin. If you look at the way people vote, they don’t vote for party anymore they are not loyal to the party because political party leaders are disloyal to the rank-and-file and it’s own platform. If we don’t make a drastic change we will never get back to a thriving middle class.

        It is time for new approach, a fresh face, it’s time for a woman president, It’s time for Hillary.

  2. I would venture to guess that everyone’s vote is going to be crucial in Tomorrow’s school board election !! 4 candidates all with strong ties in the community and little campaigning and no scuttlebut. Voter turnout will most likely be low and every vote will count !!!

  3. There are so many things wrong with our current political system, but until you expand your mind beyond the R vs. D misconception, and start seeing this as an us vs. them battle, the solutions will never make sense. Keeping the population split into groups, constantly pointing fingers at each other, makes control much easier. Remember, a tyrannical despotic government is the default system throughout history. It is simply human nature. All attempts to govern otherwise have failed. We are headed down the same path.

  4. Concerning the school board election today, when I went to vote, I had to show some form of ID like everyone else.Was that racist?

  5. The issue Herman is PHOTO ID that Republicans are pushing, which usually means a drivers license. The Federal law states any form of ID, tax, water, electric, to meet the ID requirement. Those who are trying to restrain voting rights want only a photo ID.
    Anyhow, you would be questionable and require a photo ID!!!!

  6. According to Wikipedia,” due to the 24th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibits poll taxes, states that require Voter ID must provide an ID to voters at no cost”. No financial burden on the voter. Also, in 2008, the Supreme Court upheld a voter ID law in Indiana, saying that requiring voters to produce photo ID is not unconstitutional and affirming that states have a “valid interest” in improving elections procedures and deterring fraud.

  7. In your ‘biased’ research did it tell you how few cases of fraud have been reported. When I was young, I saw fraud at the polls and you know what I’m talking about. You didn’t need any ID and the cemetery came alive Election Day. You didn’t report on the states where the courts over turned the anti-voting acts some states proposed.
    You’re still evading the 2000 Voters Rights Bill introduced and passed by Bush that eliminated photo ID, probably the only good thing he did.
    The law Herman, screw you Amendment now says photo ID is not required. What don’t you understand abut that statement?

  8. Really Frank, too few cases of fraud and my bias research. I’m not going to bore you or your readers with a state by state break down of recent voter fraud because it would not make any your “bias” mind. Voter fraud has been part of the American way. To say that it does not happen is pure BS.

    • Herman never said or to claim their is not voter fraud but the states who are pushing for photo ID have not even had double digits voting fraud. It is political and deep down in your conservative heart you know that.

  9. Sorry Frank, I ‘m a little slow this morning. Earlier you said that Bush signing the 2000 Voters Right Bill. He became President in January, 2001.

  10. He was elected, sorry, given the election in 2000; the Help America Vote Act was his legislation in 2001; I was Election Commissioner then, and I pretty well know what the bill says. My office passed 13 bills to put Delaware in line with that legislation, and one of the instructions was NO PHOTO ID; this is a Federal Bill signed by Bush. Now what else can I do Howard to convince you your vote last night was nothing racists?

  11. I was making a point that there are those like yourself, but not saying you, who imply that someone who would like to see a photo ID to vote is a racist.

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