Without taking away anyone’s second amendment rights the Delaware House by a narrow margin, 22-19 passed a second piece of Gov. Jack Markell’s gun control package.

The bill requires gun owners to contact police with a week after discovering a firearm was lost or stolen.

The first part of the package passed last week expanding background checks for most private gun sales.



  1. Yes, Under Markell’s dictatorship we now have laws that require you to record gun sales, and to report stolen guns, BUT what that Buttwipe hasn’t taken away is our right to record any guns that we GIVE away or any Guns that we lose or throw away!!!!

  2. As long as the bill reads a stolen gun must be reported “7 days from the date of discovery”, I’ve got no issues with the bill. It doesn’t accomplish its intended goal, but also shouldn’t really harm law abiding gun owners. Just makes it seem like they’re doing something. If I noticed a gun was stolen I’d report it anyway, just don’t think I’m going to inventory them every day to check.

    As for the background check bill, its useless to prevent crime. Only people affected are law abiding gun owners like me. If background checks become backlogged and take several days (or months on a false positive) to complete, it could easily endanger someone’s life. Anyone who’s tried to leave an abusive spouse knows what I’m talking about.

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