The Indian River School District wants to spend $700,000 to beef up security in their schools, hiring enough security officers to patrol every school in the district.

Most of the security officers who are not working police officers will not be able to carry weapons.

The money will come out of a contingency fund and from rerouting money that now pays for other non-teaching positions.

So, money that could be used for educational purposes now is going toward security. What a shame out society has to come to this.

Having family still in school I can understand the fear factor in today’s environment, but what good are unarmed guards when some unstable person comes though the door or window armed to kill.

The IR district is lucky they have the money to fund the extra security, but their contingency fund can only last so long; most schools can barely make their payroll let alone fund security.

Most schools have at least one police officer, state or local, still not enough to stop a misguided mind.



  1. Yep, about as useless as background checks, magazine bans, assault weapon bans, gun free zones and all the other feel good knee jerk BS will be at stopping the next mass murder. Truth is, you can’t stop it.

    I was in legislative hall a few weeks ago for the debate over the gun free school zone legislation Markell and Beau are pushing. The house was in session for about a half an hour before the committee meeting. While in session the house spent about 15 minutes praising the Capital Police for keeping them safe. Then the house breaks, committee meeting comes in session and we all get to hear how great gun free school zones are and how safe they will keep our kids. Is the irony lost in the discussion. They get metal detectors and armed police, our kids get gun free school zones. Got an idea, how about calling the Capital a gun free zone and send the Capital Police to protect the kids.

  2. Agreed, it is funny that money can be diverted to security but this same money can’t be used to improve the education of the children. It is ironic that educating people would in some instances prevent these same people from committing acts which would require security at schools.

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