Taylor Isler won a convincing win in a 4-way race for the Laurel School Board, a seat vacated by Harvey Hyland who did not seek re-election.

She will be seated at the Boards July meeting; a 5-year term.

Isler won with 246 votes of the 613 votes cast, beating runner-up Chris Shirey by 73 votes; Barbara Hudson ran third with 144 votes, and John Bowden received 50 votes.

Isler has lived in Laurel for 21 years and is a career placement advisor.




  1. No shit John; don’t tarnish her victory. If color was a factor, then the ‘whities’ should have ‘gathered’ in their white sheets and forced the other two out. Nonsense, blacks have a right to representation in this community.

    • I feel confident that Ms. Isler will be a wonderful addition to the current board. No matter what their race, there are many people who vote in a school board elections that never have attended a school board meeting. Due to the fact that Ms. Isler is the “new kid on the block” possibly she can encourage some of her friends to attend the board meetings. Anytime there is a new board member each new board member has different friends and they should always encourage the friends to attend…………….no matter the race.

    • If race is an issue you were the one who mentioned it and made it one!!! I merely stated a FACT but clearly I forgot that Liberals just cannot stand facts or the truth!! I have made this statement many, many times before in similar circumstances involving elections !!!!!!! It only points out the reality of the situation!!!!!! Boy we and this country are more divided that ever!!!!

  2. I’m disappointed that this might be considered a race issue. Not surprised, but disappointed.

    And I agree with you Mr. Calio – no need to tarnish Ms. Taylor-Isler’s victory. Given that she had more people vote FOR her than any of the other candidates, it can be said that she had fewer people vote against her than any of the other candidates.

  3. Congratulations to Mrs. Isler on her election to The Laurel School District School Board. I know that we had 4 fine candidates and that any of them would have done well. Apparently Mrs. Isler was the best candidate therefore she won a hard fought victory! Again Congratulations !!!!

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