This morning I read of new research that says not taking enough salt is not good for your system, contrary to prior studies saying the opposite. Next week I may get the results of a different study, similar to that of drinking coffee; good, not good for you.

Now the Federal environmental programs have drastically overestimated the poultry industry’s contributions to water pollution, according to a story in today’s News Journal.

A study done by the University of Delaware-led study has to be a breath of fresh air for the poultry industry which has been the brunt of criticism for pollution of the inland bays and rivers.

A professor at the University in the university’s Bio resources Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments, stated that a multistate study based on thousands of manure tests, found that actual nitrogen levels in poultry houys manure are 55%lower than the Environmental Projections Agency’s decades-old theories.Anyway, that’s the results for this week. News at 11.



  1. It has long been known by most involved with the industry that this was true but, again, The Federal Government got involved in the form of the EPA and screwed up all of the facts!

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