Although the odds say you have a better chance of being elected president than winning Powerball, millions purchased enough tickets hoping to win Saturday nights $600 million dollar prize.

Of all times, I forgot to buy mine, opting for the odds to become president I guess.
Knowing the odds, I like to play, but only when the jack pot is high and the odds are piled against me. But it gives me a few hours to dream what it would be like to win millions and the many things I would do with the money.

For some, winning has been a curse leaving them broke. Reminds you of some of the great athletes who earn mega bucks and finish their careers broke.

So, many Americans woke up this morning finding their dreams of wealth shattered again. Well, their is always next time. I think the Mega Million pot is still up there.

The winning ticket was sold at a FL grocery store I just returned from Fl. If the ticket was sold at the store I purchased mine last week….I’m gonna be ticked?


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