Delaware schools facing budget cuts have or are in the process of laying off staff.

And of course the cuts are where students need staff the most; support staff, Para-professionals.

Of course none of the schools have announced lay-off for administrators. Really? Give me 5 seconds to act surprised. I guess if administrators are laid off the superintendents may have more responsibility; that’s scary.

I don’t understand why the governor won’t mandate for every 5 or 10 staffers laid off that a certain percentage of administrators should go as well. Might that take a little courage. Probably if the State Board of Education mandated administrator cuts they’d have to cut some from their little empire. That ain’t gonna happen.

Instead what happened is the superintendents told the budget people they would accept the budget cuts and they would be responsible for staff reduction.

What a shame! Delaware is among the highest in the nation with top heavy administrators.



  1. I am afraid what you have laid out here is endemic. i have lost what little optimism I had when Obama was elected. I was hoping for the change he promised after enduring eight years of the worst president this country has ever elected (?). He has done nothing to correct the corrupt banking system that drove our economy into a ditch. Quite the contrary, he placed some of the perpetrators/enablers in positions of power (Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, etc.). It’s the same in our state. Instead of placing blame at the top, the Guv and legislature hit the workers. What does the Department of Education do for the schools? They have more $100k jobs than any other department yet no one can answer that question.

    Our society has become too narcissistic, looking out only for number one. This can only lead to decline. If the elecotrate doesn’t wake up, we are headed for another Depression. Conditions are much the same: little to no middle class; little to no job opportunities, particularly for those without a college education; shrinking opportunities for a college education; and the rich getting richer while the government looks the other way at their misdeeds in obtaining their loot. Republicans and Democrats have been complicit. From the repeal of Glass-Steagall to NAFTA the middle class has been decimated. Until someone begins to reverse this trend, until we have only the rich and the uneducated poor.

    I hate to sound so pessimistic, but we are not electing people who agree to work across the aisle. Instead we’ve allowed ideologues to drive a wedge
    into our politics and anyone seeking common ground is tossed (see Mike Castle). I am glad to see you working at holding our govt accountable, but you may be tilting at windmills.

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