The American Tea Party down in the popularity it had during the Bush years claims to have received an infusion of CPR because of the recent IRS and Benghazi issues; they have been Born Again!

This could be good news for Democrats. Some of the candidates they came up with in the past election helped Democrats gain seats in both houses of Congress. Their outspoken views on women’s rights turned off and turned out enough women voters to make a difference in many close contests. Granted

George Romney with his frequent bloopers didn’t help the women’s causes and not of the working class.

I just can’t wait to see their new slate of candidates. Should make good fodder for late night shows.


7 thoughts on “TEA PARTY ENERGIZED

  1. No doubt anyone who speaks of individual liberty, the Constitution, shrinking our bloated government, fiscal responsibility or ending the constant encroachment of government into every aspect of our lives will immediately get sidelined as a nut job by the main stream media. But that’s ok, just remember to send your beloved Democratic party a thank you card when some bureaucrat is deciding which medical care you can and can’t have based on some statistical model of return on investment.

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