Disaster is no joke; lives, homes, everything can be lost in the snap of a finger.

Most disasters we often hear of are in the central part of the U.S., floods from Hurricanes, tornados seem to frequent the airways.

Along the east coast we face the threat of hurricanes. In all events government turns to FEMA the Federal Emergency Management team for INSTANT help, personnel and loans to get back on their feet. Government needs money for infrastructure and people need a place to live.

I found it disappointing last year when Republicans wanted to cut funding of FEMA, especially given the fact that a majority of the governors in those disaster zones being Republicans.

Interesting though is after each disaster since, the President has called the governors offersing assistance from FEMA. Would you believe not one of them turned down the President’s help of aid?

Governor Christie of New Jersey almost lost support of the GOP for saying kind words about the President and the response of FEMA after SANDY hit the Jersey Shores. Today Republican Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma thanked the President and FEMA for their support and quick response as did the Mayor.

Many don’t like government involvement; I too think at times their is too much. But to those who think control should go back to the states, I ask the question, where would these states be today if they had to fund the clean-ups?

FEMA does a good job using taxpayer money. I know of only one screw-up with FEMA; that was Bush’s “Brownie” who screwed up the operation after Katrina.



  1. FEMA’s pretty good at consuming all local available hotel rooms and cutting checks. Beyond that, where the rubber meets the road, their not much help. The real help are the unsung hero’s, typically local church groups and other volunteer organizations.

    • David you’re an expert on this subject? Do the churches kick in the millions for infrastructure, organize the restructure. Appears to me when FEMA steps in everyone else steps aside like when the FBI comes in the local police step aside. Ask Gov. Christe who’s doing the grunt work for him!

      • Not an expert, but I saw it first hand in NJ after Sandy. FEMA is great with a checkbook, be it infrastructure, etc., but when it comes to boots on the ground, lending a helping hand, getting dirty, digging your belongings out of the rubble, working long term to help those who need it and rebuilding a community, its always the volunteers. The Mennonites, Lutherans and Methodists all have very well organized global disaster recovery teams as do many others. Crisfield is a great example. I think if you asked anyone who is active in disaster recoveries they would have the same opinion.

  2. At least the Republicans are against domestic violence.

    Senate Democrats Choose Illegal Immigrants over Women and Children
    by Jordan Long

    Yesterday, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to push women and children to the back of the bus and bring illegal immigrants to front. For all the party’s talk of an alleged Republican “war on women,” and their accusations of heartlessness towards children, this is an outright combat maneuver against America’s female and underage citizens. Democrats are now on record defending the rights of wife beaters and child abusers seeking legal status in the United States.

    That’s the implication of Democrats’ unanimous decision not to adopt Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-TX) May 20th amendment to the Senate immigration bill. As currently written, the legislation provides illegals residing in the U.S. with a pathway to legal status. It aims to keep individuals convicted of either a felony or three misdemeanors from earning that distinction.

    The plan’s intentions here are sound; however, as I’ve written about before, there are problems with this arrangement. What constitutes a misdemeanor varies widely from state to state, and often encompasses some truly dangerous and deplorable crimes including vehicular homicide in Massachusetts and statutory rape in California. Any illegal immigrant found guilty just once of certain misdemeanors should not be allowed to stay in this country; the risks they present to American citizens outweigh any other motivations. Unfortunately, these kinds of crimes do happen. As President Obama and Vice President Biden have told Americans, politicians have the responsibility to act when legislation could save even one life.

    Senator Cornyn’s amendment sought to address some of these deficiencies. It spelled out certain crimes that would prevent illegal immigrants found guilty of committing them from obtaining legal status. Convictions for domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, violating protective orders, and drunk driving would serve as an absolute bar from legalization regardless of rather or not they were considered misdemeanors or felonies in the state where they were committed.

    On a party line vote of 10-8, the Democrats on the committee rejected the amendment.

    After spending most of the 2012 election season loudly denouncing the Republican Party’s supposed “war on women” and cruelty towards children Senate Democrats have voted to allow illegal immigrants who repeatedly abuse their wives and children to remain in the United States permanently.

    Why do Democrats believe that individuals who attack, violate, and otherwise mistreat women and kids should be allowed to stay in our country? They call for discretion and nuance, but they never allowed Republicans that leeway during their invidious “war on women” attacks. What kind of nuance can there be on abusing your wife, girlfriend, mother, son, or daughter?

    Democrats and their friend in the media will accuse Republicans of radicalism on women’s issues, protection of children and immigration. Those looking for extremism on the left need look no further than this comparison. Democrats are defending the rights of illegal immigrants who abuse their wives, neglect their children, violate court orders, and drive drunk to stay in this country. Meanwhile, President Obama’s Justice Department is working hard to deport a German evangelical Christian family who immigrated to homeschool their children since they are banned from doing so at home. Defending violent, illegal thugs while going after a German homeschooling family: this is the ugliness and insanity of Democratic policy priorities.

    Extremist Republican “war on women”? Maybe Democrats should look in the mirror.

    • Don’t have time this ;morning to check out which conservative posting you picked up this trash, but I recall Joe Biden wrote the women’s violent rights bill, and the Republicans last year refused to extend the bill. The GOP certainly didn’t put anything in their platform for the last election protecting women.

  3. That is not the function of FEMA, no different than when a supervisor of a construction site doesn’t lift a finger to help; it’s the organization that keeps the ball rolling.

  4. Let’s try this another way. All incidents, from a car accident to a hurricane, are managed under the National Incident Management System (NIMS). NIMS lays out the protocols used to determine the resources required for an appropriate response. As the incident gets larger, more support organizations are called in to help. However, the overall management of the incident remains at the most local level possible. FEMA is a support organization. It is not the cavalry or the engine that keeps the ball rolling. They are called in on the largest disasters because they bring resources to the table that other smaller local organizations lack, with financial aid being their largest resource.

    I am not calling for FEMA’s demise but they are, like most things in DC these days, a bloated, top heavy, bureaucracy who often can’t seem to get out of their own tracks. We don’t need to eliminate FEMA as they do serve a purpose. We do, however, need to downsize the monstrosity that is our Federal Government. FEMA just happens to fall within one of the most over blown, over funded, over zealous organizations to be found..

  5. FEMA= Federal Emergency Mismanagement Administration!!! Just another division of the Federal government that does NOT know how to take care of business!!!!!! Can ANYONE show JUST ONE thing that the Federal Government does correctly or Profitably ????????

  6. Rest easy friends: A long time, high ranking Sussex County Democrat who has been friends with Mr. Calio for years assured me on Mon. May 20 that Frank REALLY DOES NOT BELIEVE WHAT HE SAYS ON HERE, he just says things to stir up crap!!! THAT makes ME feel better! I truely thought that we had lost frank !!!!!!!

  7. Yep, people come up to me all the time and say they bet I write to get people stirred; Truth is I write to get people to think; sorry I haven’t gotten through to you yet John! What I write comes from my heart and soul, whether a person agrees or not; my opinions, and as you know by this blog I listen to theirs and agree to disagree.

  8. What does any of this have to do with the story which is about politicians voting against FEMA aid and then sticking out their hands for money when the tides roll over their districts?
    A Republican Congressman was interviewed today from Oklahoma; voted against aid for Sandy and sputtered about wanting aid for his state. He flaunted donations from private groups; not enough money to pave the freaking streets. Bull S!

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