I don’t know if it’s good or bad that the young people today don’t remember our men and women who fought in the two World Wars, or maybe I feel sorry they don’t understand or appreciate the service and sacrifices of these brave people.

Without the service of the many who didn’t return home we wouldn’t be enjoying the freedoms we take for granted today. Those wars to many are as outdated as the Roy Rogers museum which just closed for lack of visitor.

Not many WW11 veterans are still living, just about everyone who served in the first war are deseased.

It is our job as adults to make sure our kids understand the bloody wars, then fought hand to hand on the ground and today fought by Drones. Take them to a Memorial service this week-end, help them understand the past. It is our duty and obligation to never forget those who served.



  1. Almost everyone has someone in their families past that has served. People should at least memorialize their own family members this would certainly help keep those who served on peoples minds anyway. We also cannot forget not only those who died but those whose lives were changed forever due to their service!

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