As is tradition for me, I attended the Memorial Services at American Legion Post #19; as usual a good speaker, and an excellent ceremony.

On the back of the program were statists of the wars fought by this country with the deaths and wounded. Surprisingly were the numbers of the Civil War counting both sides, North and South. A total of 625,000 were killed and 281,881 were wounded in the war between the states.

WW-ll saw the largest hit with 405,000 + deaths and 670,000 + wounded. In all wars/conflicts which totaled 12 not including other smaller conflicts, showed 1,321,612 Americans lost their lives, and 1,531,036 women wounded, many of those who suffered the remainder of their days on earth.

Who knows how many have suffered mental pain unable to live with themselves, or families, the many who died from the effect of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Truly a great sacrifice our country made to satisfy a few politicians and wealthy business people. May God bless all who served. Please honor them today and thank a veteran or military person whenever you see them for serving our country.


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