During the era of the 2000’s, several cruise lines built state of the art cruise liners and the industry flourished. Everything was new and it was smooth sailing for thousands each week.

Then came the recession, business dropped off, profits weren’t much, sso like other businesses that flourished in good times, what little profit their was ended in the pockets of the CEO’s.

And like many companies they failed to reinvest in their ships replacing worn equipment. Now the industry is paying the price. Instead of reading about a new cruise ship being christened we read about a cruise ship being towed to port.

Yes you get an apology and a refund, but for many of these people that cruise was the only one they’ll ever have. Most people can’t afford to take off 10 days for a 7-day cruise. Apparently when a ship breaks down, their is hell to pay; very unsanitary conditions, no back up generators sufficient to take over for engine failure.

I have taken a few cruises, all pleasant during the hey-day of the cruise industry, but I hate the thought of being in the middle of the ocean with no power and the ship is sitting in the hot sun with no AC and vulnerable to a stormy sea.


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