Usually when someone in politics resigns the reasons given are they want to devote more time to their family or business, both usually not the real reason.

Either they had a close race for office last time and they see the writing on the wall, so now is a good time to go out as a winner, grab my pension and enjoy life or for other reasons.

The sudden resignation of Delaware’s State GOP chairman John Sigler who quit citing ‘duties’ related to employment doesn’t fly with me; he saw the handwriting on the wall. No, his job as State GOP chair was not in jeopardy, but his ability to move forward was hampered.

Although the GOP now has control of the southern two counties, the power and deciding factor in the state-wide and Federal races hinge on the voters in NCC. And that’s where the money comes from to support the State GOP.

The State GOP is still controlled by old money, DuPont, Greenville. Look at the campaign finance page with the Department of Elections and you’ll see $600 and $1200 checks coming out of Greenville for Republican candidates.

I recall knowing candidates the Republicans felt as key members of the legislature who needed money and calls went out to Greenville residents; shortly after when the next campaign reporting was due you could follow the money to the candidates.

Mr. Sigler is not of the company of the ‘old money’ of the Greenville gang. He unfortunately has to juggle the old GOP with the new GOP which consists mostly of the Tea Party generation, a group not aligned with the Greenville socialites. Many Democrat state-wide candidates have found generous contributions from the Greenville check books during past elections.

Thus the GOP, usually flush with more money than Democrats went into debt in the last election as funding dried up. Mr. Sigler has been able to raise money to pay off that debt, but with another election within two years and the GOP sill split north and south, I believe Mr. Sigler sees nothing in the horizon which will indicate his party will do any better state-wide, and now is the time to retire.


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