For my friends who want less government and more control to the states; well, I think you got your wish.

The federal government has cut funding in education to the states and to the schools. So to make up for those cuts schools are now asking for referendums to make up the difference.

The Colonial school district is asking taxpayers to cough up $9.6M in a referendum vote. If not sports progams in th middle schools and 9th grade will be eliminated requiring parents to pahy to participae in school athletics and limiting transportation for activities.

Even is the referendum passes almost 40 posiions would be eliminated.

Soooo, your federal taxes aren’t going down even thought the Feds are throwing more programs onto the states, and you are going to be paying more taxes if you want to support your schools and other programs.

Be careful what you wish for!!


3 thoughts on “PAY NOW OR PAY LATER

  1. According to the brochure published by the Colonial School District, the cuts are from the State and the Feds.

    The brochure states:
    1) State funding was cut $4 million, and Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds have expired

    2) Approximately half of the state funds restored in 2013 but other state funding has been frozen

    The Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as Obama’s 2009 economic stimulus bill was not intended to be a permanent funding source. It was a one time, throw money at it, solution designed to stimulate growth and prop up failing institutions long enough for the economy to recover. The ARRA set aside $100 billion for education. Its approved uses included $53.6 billion to aid local school districts to prevent cutbacks and layoffs and $300 million for increased teacher salaries, among other things. States and districts, as usual in any government funded enterprise, took this new money, spent it and are now crying foul when the money runs out instead of preparing for the eventual loss of the funding.

    If you think this is bad, wait until the bills start coming in for the explosion in state funded medical care thanks to Obamacare. Expect major cuts in many programs and new tax hikes to cover the costs.

      • Sure, first we have to pass it to see whats in it, now we have to implement it to see how much its going to cost us. Nothing like planning ahead.

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