Many fear receiving a letter in the mail from the Internal Revenue; whether it be a refund, a note, or at worse notification for an audit.

Many years back the big issue was the cocktail for lunch and they bore down hard. Many of us who are middle class can’t afford to pay attorney fees to fight our case; those who are wealthy have high priced attorneys who can usually reduce the IRS levy or better yet beat the case. I truly believe that’s why the little guy gets beat on and the wealthy are mostly ignored. The IRS has more important things to do than audit the rich.

They like to host expensive seminars, party, and book high price rooms for their conferences. This IRS issue is getting out of hand. I could understand investigating the many new PC that came on the market; I had an apple out of that bag while Delaware’s Election Commissioner. Yet again, the larger PACS from both political parties were ignored, again proving my point the little guy gets nailed.

Finally the IRS is getting a taste of their own medicine.


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