It’s no contest when it comes to voting on which grocery chain has the worst produce; it’s Walmart by a landslide. Because the stingy chain refuses to hire enough help their produce doesn’t get on the floor until it is half-wilted.

Consumer Report recently listed the food chain second to the bottom in performance of their produce.

Now the chain is trying to freshen their image by purchasing more produce locally so it will come into their stores fresh off the vines so to speak. But that doesn’t help much in this part of the country since we don’t grow the tropical fruits such as oranges, bananas and many other truck crops.

Walmart is one of many grocery chains trying to spruce up their image; Food Lion recently announced changes to their stores by hiring more people, and putting more product on their shelves and enlarging their stores. And lowering prices. The winners will be the consumers who have seen their grocery shopping dollars rise over the past several years.

As far as Walmart improving their products; naw, they are too cheap.


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