Recall several years back when their was a power failure in NY and the stories about the fast food stores, thier cashiers couldn’t make change without the cash register telling them the amount of change to give back?

A similar incident happened yesterday at the Laurel Food Lion. No power failure, but the computers went down and the registers could not accept credit or debit cards. The lines started to back up; cash once again was king, but most people didn’t have enough cash on them, as most of us don’t these days because we depend upon our plastic.

I only picked up a few items and I had enough cash on me, but the line couldn’t move because the first person in line couldn’t check out with his debit card. Finally I moved to another line and got out.

Computers are part of our everyday life; when they work life is good, when they don’t life is hell.



  1. I keep telling people that the Taliban/Muslims/Terrorists are going to shut down the cyber world that they live in. Then the old people that are smart and capable of living without computers are going to take control of the world back !!!

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