This week I noticed a set of flashing lights go by me; it was the Laurel PD pulling over a driver. I know the highway had always been out of town thus not in the Laurel PD’s jurisdiction.

I questioned Laurel’s operation manager Jamie Smith and found out she has brokered an agreement with the state for the Town of Laurel to enforce traffic on U.S. 13 from Delaware Avenue to Camp Road on Georgetown Road to the end of Station 7 (formerly Bargain Bills) property.

The enforcement began Monday; the first vehicle stopped was doing 98 in a 55 mph zone. The policeman must have thought he had died and gone to heaven and found a gold mine on the way up.

Jamie says the town will not lower the 55 mph speed limit as many other towns do; but once the town gets a smell of that new money I wouldn’t bet on it not being lowered. Lot of straight open road between Seaford and Delmar to get to Laurel, plenty of time to open ‘er up!



    • Delmar’s Police force covers DE and Md to the Visitors Reception area where Salisbury begins. If Laurel catches you with a violation within the small area on U.S. 13 they can follow you past that area until you stop.

  1. Frank… I think that you need to find something else to talk about. I am tired of you bashing the police in the town that in which you live in. The police are not wrapped around your finger and never will be just because you son is on the council.
    This highway allows the Police Department to get more bodies in the PD.
    Take this to heart before writing another bash to the Town of Laurel Police Department.
    Flat out ridiculous.

    • Heather to my knowledge this is the first article I have written about the Laurel PD. For your information I don’t believe the idea to go on the hwy was from the police department. Town needs money, taxes are not popular, fines are easier to digest especially since most of the ticketing will be people who do not live in the town limits.
      I have no issue with the department; fine group of people doing a dangerous job.
      Apparently you haven’t read my blog post where I endorse the use of Taser guns by the police? Can’t figure where you’re coming from.
      I don’t understand your comment about the highway allowing the PD to get more bodies in the PD.
      For you information I have received many favorable comments, 3 today in Walmart, on the article along with some interesting concerns regarding the Police Department. Thanks for your comment.

      • Your welcome.
        I do not enjoy your bashing the PD for being on the hwy instead of the town. I see plenty of officers patrolling the streets as they have been doing in the past.
        The increase in the jurisdiction will hopefully prevail in more officers for the town. That is where the comment came from.
        These officers risk it all to keep all of us safe, including stopping cars on the hwy and inside the town.
        Hats off to the boys in blue.
        And yes, you have written about the PD in the past. In particular when the town decided to lay off officers. If anyone thinks it is safe to patrol Laurel with one or two officers working…. You should sign up and try it. Good luck!

  2. I was police commissioner for 4 years while serving on the Laurel Council when the town had more residents than they do now; I am well aware of the duties of our officers.
    The questions asked in the article were: if we needed extra officers to protect the businesses and citizens, why the need to patrol a half-mile on the highway; who’s watching the store in town?

    • If you were the commissioner, then you should know that the town gets the fine money and court cost for the traffic tickets given.
      I am also referring to the nice bashing that you put in the Morning Star.
      I just think that some matters/comments should be kept to yourself. People do not think better of you for putting issues/matters in the paper, especially not when its just your opinion.
      I am done for now and wish to see you actually writing an article thanking the police for doing their jobs.
      Take care.

      • I know the town receives the fine money and I believe it was not their doing to go on the highway; the town needs the money and the police is the tool. If you read the column and didn’t just jump around you would have picked up on that; everyone else did. The article was aimed at the Council, not the police dept.

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