Recently I wrote a column about the changing ways kids read books today or don’t; how violence and even ore violent video games have taken over the once placid reading of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books.

Sunday I went to see a movie and one of the trailers of an upcoming film in July was shown. The film to be shown sometime in July was of the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Now we always saw them in the movies and TV as pretty non-violent peace seekers. Not anymore.

The new remake of the Ranger and his sidekick, produced by Disney no less, shows a different more aggressive couple fighting law and order.

Apparently before he became the Long Ranger, he was in a gun battle and left for dead. Tonto found him and advised his new friend to wear a mask so his enemies would not know he was alive.

He does and the action begins; bombings, fighting, daring scenes, not even close to the Lone Ranger I grew up with.

Next I’ll be watching the Pope in his open car mounting a machine gun and shooting all those who sin.


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